The last curve of the economy is still tired. Businesses do not expect the “government” to help reverse the crisis. waiting for new elections

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The last curve of the economy is still tired. Businesses do not expect the “government” to help reverse the crisis. waiting for new elections

Mr. Khunwut Thampromkul The CEO of Home Product Center Public Company Limited, a comprehensive center of building materials and home furnishings, revealed that the result of the depreciation of the baht affects products imported from the country such as bathroom fixtures, tiles, faucets, etc. a cost more.Therefore, the price must be adjusted according to the baht, for example the baht depreciates by 10%, the selling price will be increased by 10% and the company continues to import as usual. Because it is still a product that can still be sold. Even if the cost or price is higher This is because building products and home decorations are considered essential items. For those who want to repair, renovate and build a new home.

“Purchasing power is not good these days. Since inflation, things are expensive, but slightly better than in 2021. There is still a covid epidemic. But it is better on a low basis. And it hasn’t returned as much as the year 2019 before the covid, ”said Mr. Khun Wut.

said Mr. Khunwut As for the overall economic outlook for the remaining three months of 2022, it depends on whether or not the number of foreign tourists will reach the target of 10 million. If it goes as planned, it will bring Thailand more benefits and income. Even if it was only 10 million tourists, or 25%, down from 40 million visitors a year.

We didn’t expect much from the government. because in the past the private sector Our business is already growing on its own. As for the trend of the baht, how long will the amortization last? It is up to the Bank of Thailand (BOT) to raise interest rates more or less to support the baht. But the weak baht is considered good for the tourism sector and the country’s export sector. because the income has increased, ”said Mr. Khunwut.

Mr. Thammarat Chokwatana The chief executive officer and chairman of the executive committee, ICC International Public Company Limited, a subsidiary of the Saha group, revealed that the company was affected by a slight depreciation of the baht. because there are products imported from America to sell in the country But there is no effect until the price of the product has to be increased. This is because the price increase must come from higher costs such as the cost of labor, raw materials, etc. It must also be a new batch of products manufactured to adjust the price based on cost.

“The purchasing power in the remaining 3 months has yet to be exciting and needs to be closely monitored. Because there are both positive and negative factors. The positive factor concerns the opening of the country. There are more tourists Covid has cleared up As for the negative factors, there are some. Both the baht, inflation, energy prices and the rise in the minimum wage Overall, purchasing power has improved this year compared to last year. But it is not the same as the year 2019 before the covid. Saha will organize a Saha Group Fair in Sriracha in December to increase purchasing power for the end of the year, ”said Thammarat.

said Mr. Thammarat In the past, various measures that the government has carried out Considered to help stimulate the economy as a whole, then during the remaining 3 months. Therefore, it is not necessary to compress any additional measures. Let some things follow the market mechanism, such as increasing the price of the product. Because it is about doing business that is already competitive on the market. The government should control more monopoly assets such as electricity, oil, etc. They also want to have an election as soon as possible. Because the elections are considered a positive factor for the business sector. While businessmen will already have to adapt to the situation.

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