The last crazy day: Giampaolo Pazzini said goodbye to football

Giampaolo Pazzini says goodbye to football. At the end of a long career spent on some of the most important fields in Italy, at the age of 36 the striker decided to say enough: “I was a child the first time I held a ball in my hands and since then it has become a me as an “inseparable friend” – debuts on social media with a long and poignant post -. I was a kid like many others, with a life ahead and a thousand dreams in the drawer who hoped to one day become a Serie A footballer. That child gradually grew up and thanks to you he realized all his dreams one by one and you know what do I tell you: “It was all even more beautiful than I imagined!” But now we have arrived at our showdown and the time has come to let you rest, I think that’s right. I could have continued to live a little longer those sensations and emotions that only you can give me, maybe yes; the child in me would have liked to continue doing it, but the man tells me that the time has come to say goodbye also because I already know that I will miss all this even in 20, 30, 40 years, therefore: Thanks for everything! It was a CRAZY journey! ”He concluded.

While waiting to understand what role he will decide to fill, greetings from his former teams arrived immediately, above all Fiorentina: “Thanks for the emotions lived together Crazy, and good luck for the future”. Pazzini leaves football later 190 goals scored for clubs.


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