The last 24 hours of the pandemic in Spain, Italy and the United Kingdom – Executive Digest


The Spanish Ministry of Health registered an additional 10,491 new infections in the last 24 hours, bringing the total number of cases since the beginning of the pandemic to 835,901, according to data announced by the Spanish health authorities.

These data represent a decrease compared to the previous day, where 11,998 new cases had occurred.

Spain adds 76 more deaths to the official count, which means that the total figure is already around 32,562 deaths, according to the balance sheet this Wednesday. In this indicator, the country also registered a sharp reduction, compared to the 261 deaths on Tuesday.

Madrid remains the autonomous community with the highest number of new infections, accounting for 2,975 new cases, of which 1,746 correspond to the last 24 hours.

It should be taken into account that these data do not include those who died in nursing homes or who did not undergo the diagnostic test despite having symptoms compatible with the viral disease.


Italy has registered 3,678 infections with the new coronavirus in the last 24 hours, up from 2,677 on Tuesday, as well as 28 new fatalities, according to the Italian Ministry of Health.

Since the covid-19 pandemic appeared in the country on February 21, 333,940 infections have been reported, which have caused 36,061 deaths, according to Italian authorities.

The number of active cases in Italy now stands at 62,576, with 3,782 people admitted to hospitals, 157 more than on Tuesday.

In turn, the number of inpatients in intensive care in the last 24 hours is 337, 18 more than the previous day.

The regions with the most cases detected on the last day were Lombardia with 544 new infections, Lombardia with 520 daily infections and Veneto with 375 daily infections.

United Kingdom

The UK has reported 14,162 cases in the past 24 hours, bringing the total to 544,275 since the pandemic began in the country, according to the British health ministry.

With regard to deaths, 70 more were accounted for, currently totaling 42,515 fatalities.

These data represent a slight decrease in the number of daily cases compared to the previous day, where 14,542 new infections were registered, as well as in the number of new deaths increased, since yesterday there were 76 deaths.

There are still a further 3,145 patients hospitalized in the last 24 hours, of which 410 are in intensive care units. The total is 144,834.

The covid-19 pandemic has already claimed more than one million deaths and infected more than 35.8 million people in 188 countries and territories, according to a report by Johns Hopkins University in the United States.

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