The Laptop Used Doesn’t Get Damaged Quickly, Here’s How To Take Care To Keep It Durable

PONTIANAK NEWS – This time, laptop become a necessity for those of us who work, especially when working from home. With a fairly high price, the health of electronic devices should be laptop guarded.

There are several things that must be considered so that laptop which we use durable and not fast damaged.

Compiled from various sources, as for method nurse laptop, namely the first, don’t get close laptop with other electronic devices that have strong magnetic fields. So, avoid using your phone near laptop. This causes interference in the magnetic field laptop, which is dangerous.

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Second, don’t let it laptop open when you’re not using it. This can make dust particles to enter through between the keyboard. Not only that, this is also to protect the risk of water spilling onto the keyboard laptop You.

You often put laptop on the bed, on the pillow, even on your lap? You should avoid this habit.

Why? Besides being bad for your health, putting laptop on the bed when using it can block the heat from laptop, which ultimately resulted in laptop You die and overheat. So always use laptop on a table or stand laptop.

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While working, make sure you don’t touch the screen laptop with a pen or pencil that can scratch the surface. Screen laptop You are one of the most sensitive parts and therefore need to be cleaned regularly with a special cleaning solution.



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