The Langreo government continues to seek a solution for school transport in Tuilla

For this reason, the main claim of the local government is that the Ministry of Education meets the demand of parents, who last year presented six hundred and fifty signatures of support. And if not, see other possibilities. Here, the councilor alluded to the alternative of reaching an agreement with the Principality to expand one of the services of the current passenger transport line to Tuilla, passing through the rural area of ​​the town. In this way, it could be used by children when they leave school, which is when parents have the most problems. Here, as Castro pointed out, “the problem is to consign an endowment of an expense to which we are not obliged, which causes a problem of intervention and secretariat, although we are working on it.” Of course, this alternative would be carried out “if the refusal of the Ministry persists.”

The establishment of a school transport route in the rural area of ​​Tuilla is a historical demand of the parents. The main stumbling block is the rule of the Principality, which does not consider it when there is less than a kilometer and a half of distance to a bus stop. However, the rule does not take into account the circumstances of each case, and in Tuilla’s, it is that the roads are not enabled for walking and there is a level crossing.

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