The ladies’ paradise, Ilaria Rossi reveals: “I’m afraid of the result”

Written by Liliana Morreale, on October 18, 2020, in Soap

photo Gabriella in The ladies' paradise

Anticipations The paradise of the ladies, Ilaria Rossi (Gabriella) reveals: “I’m afraid of the result of the swab”

At the end of June the set de The ladies’ paradise, all the actors therefore from Roberto Farnesi to Vanessa Gravina have returned to turn new episodes of the very popular Rai 1 soap. Obviously, however, given the health emergency in which we find ourselves, there are rules and protocols to follow, Ilaria Rossi, actress who personifies Gabriella Rossi, in an interview with TvMia on this he revealed:

We do the tampon every two weeks. I confess that when they tell me I have to do it, I am always a little nervous. I’m afraid of the result and then the exam is a bit annoying, with a long stick stuck in my throat and nose.

The ladies’ paradise new episodes, Ilaria Rossi: “In December we will finish shooting”

During the interview Ilaria Rossi he explained all the precautions that are taken on the set, from the obligation of masks to the attention not to stay in places where there are too many people. In short, the actress admitted: “Everything has changed, together with the script I also carry with me some sheets with instructions to work safely”. As for instead The ladies’ paradise, the young actress who plays Gabriella Rossi did not provide any advances on new episodes however he revealed as long as they will be on set. Currently, in fact, based on what the actors post on social networks, they are recording the Christmas episodes of the soap and the actress revealed:

We will finish recording this season of The ladies’ paradise until December.

The paradise of the ladies advances: Gabriella in doubt between Salvatore and Cosimo

Meanwhile i new episodes of The Ladies’ Paradise they air from Monday to Friday on Rai from approximately 3.55pm. In the plots of the next week we see the character of Ilaria Rossi (Gabriella) celebrate her engagement with Cosimo but the stylist will be in doubt between him and Salvatore.

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