The Kunovice turbolet crashed in Russia, four dead

At 23:15 (16:15 CEST), the turbolet hit the ground hard about four kilometers from the village of Kazachinskoye, 500 km from Irkutsk. The hull of the machine was severely damaged after the impact, but the fire did not break out.

A pilot and three passengers died on the spot. Twelve other people were injured, according to the emergency ministry. They were stuck in a deformed hull. Four people are in critical condition, three, including another pilot, have been intubated and flown to Irkutsk Hospital. 70 rescuers intervened on the spot.

Survivors’ families will be paid a million rubles, seriously injured half a million.

The prosecutor’s office stated that the pilot had requested a repeated landing, before that he had flown on the circuit. During the investigation, two causes of the accident are considered – a pilot error or a technical failure. However, the surviving pilot cannot be heard yet, he is shocked. Black boxes have already been secured.

L-410 Turbolet on parade in Moscow


The machine was manufactured in 2014 by the Kunovice company Let.

The last time a turbolet crash was in Russia on June 19 in the Kemerovo region, transporting paratroopers.

However, this is the second accident of SiLA airlines in two months, when on July 16, Antonov An-28 crashed with 18 people, eleven of whom were injured and ended up in hospital.


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