The Kingfisher Series Episode 36: A Romantic Twist brings in High Viewership

The Kingfisher Bird series, episode 36, arouses the interest of many viewers after its great success. This series is one of the latest Turkish dramas that influenced the audience and attracted their interest, due to the exciting events that attract the fans and fans of the Kingfisher series. They are waiting for the episodes to be shown, and here are the details.

Kingfisher series

The events of episode 36 of the Kingfisher series take place in a romantic setting, as it focuses on a young man named Farid, who returned from the United States and abandoned traditions and customs to find himself in many problems as a result of his reckless behavior. The main character, Farid, desperately seeks to marry a girl from his family to modify his behavior, but Conflicts arise between him and her sister because of her intense love for Farid.

The Kingfisher series, episode 36, is considered one of the most watched series in the Arab world and the Middle East, as it is watched by a large number of audiences from all Arab countries and the Middle East.

The Kingfisher Bird series, episode 36, with Arabic subtitles, managed to attract the attention of fans of interesting works of art, and connect viewers with its distinctive and innovative story. The Kingfisher Bird series belongs to the genre of romantic Turkish works.

The frequency of the Al-Fajr channel, which carries the series Kingfisher 36

You can enjoy watching the episodes of the Kingfisher series on the following frequency:

  • Satellite: Nilesat
  • Polarization: horizontal.
  • Error correction factor: 3/4.
  • Coding factor: 27500.
  • Frequency: 10922.
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The date of the Kingfisher series show

The Kingfisher 36 series is shown, every week, an episode on Friday, and the episode is subtitled, and the series is shown at eight o’clock Cairo local time on the Turkish Star TV channel, and the episode is shown on Saturday for free on MBC4, and due to the series achieving a high viewership The series is shown with subtitles on the EgyBest Love Story website.

The Kingfisher 36 series was able to achieve great success and make the audience eagerly await each new episode, as viewers are on a date with interesting events and unexpected developments in the next episode of the series.

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