The king responded to her request and communication platforms buzzed with her story. A Jordanian Girl Recounts Her Suffering At The Care Of Her Sick Father | Mix

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A young Jordanian woman, Naima Seif, posted a video clip on Instagram, complaining about the refusal of the King Hussein Cancer Center, to which she was donating to continue receiving her 65-year-old father.

Naima appealed to the Jordanian monarch, King Abdullah II, to help her father, who was diagnosed with leukemia in Amman’s Islamic hospital from the seventh case. The video spread in Jordan and tweeters expressed their sympathy for Naima and her father.

And the episode (12/14/2022) of the “Shabakat” program monitored Jordanian interaction with the incident, where Razan denounced the behavior of the Hussein Center, and wrote: “Humanity is indivisible, and whoever he is small in age and more worthy of care than the elderly! Excuse me?”.

Yoshka wondered about the fate of people who could not make their voices heard and said, ‘Abu Naima Saif was lucky that his daughter has a number and his female companions have a number, and the problem has spread like this and with such speed. Others have no limits, no hope, no numbers, no fear.”

Mais expressed his shock at what was mentioned in the video, then tweeted: “On what basis is he refusing to take cases based on age! I mean a 65 year old patient has no right to be treated! Where is the humanity? I can’t get over Naima Seif’s video, nor am I able to get over the pain, fear and heartbreak I saw.”

On the other hand, Lana justified the Al-Hussein Center’s response because the priority in treatment is for patients most in need, so she wrote: “According to what she said, her father is elderly and in an advanced stage, and the hospital believes that there are people who need treatment from it, it is not in the centre’s defense that it is a first case that it is a case that it is not a problem with the hospital”.

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However, King Hussein Cancer Center released a statement showing the condition of the disease after studying it and said, ‘It needs immediate hospitalization to deal with complications and due to lack of beds especially in the ward of leukemia, and to avoid complications due to the waiting period, we advised the patient’s family to immediately go to another hospital that currently has capacity.”

The center added: “The decision to accept and admit any patient to the center is never related to the patient’s age, but is subject to medical opinion, bed availability and ability to treat their condition.”

And the Royal Medical Services published a post on its page, which said: “His Majesty the King directs the treatment of citizen Saif Awad in the Military Cancer Center at his own expense. He was transferred to the Military Cancer Center and surrounded by medical care complete and the provision of therapeutic services necessary for him.”

Then Naima came back and appeared in another video clip to thank the king and all those who supported her in making her voice heard to get treatment for her father.

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