“The King of Fighters XV” announces “Andy Bogle” character promotion video “The King of Fighters XV”

SNK’s veteran combat fighting game scheduled to be launched in 2021 “King of Fighters“The latest work in the series”King of Fighters XV(THE KING OF FIGHTERS XV)” (Platform Undecided), today (4) announced the character promotion video of the debut character “Andy Bogard”.

  《King of Fighters XV“Is the masterpiece of SNK’s fighting game”King of Fighters》The latest work in the series 4 years apart, developed by Unreal Engine. The official said that while maintaining the consistent sense of speed in the series, it will add elements that will make the battle more enthusiastic, and at the same time achieve sound and light effects that could not be achieved in the previous game.

“Andy Pog” was dubbed by Hiroshi Okamoto, from “Hungry Wolf LegendFighter of the series. Terry Pogg is a foster brother from the same orphanage. In order to defeat Jace Houhuo, the enemy who killed his adoptive father Jeff Bogle, he devotes himself to practicing martial arts and Shiranui Ninjutsu suitable for his physique. Respect the opponent and pay great attention to etiquette, and Shiranui Mai is a couple. from”King of Fighters 94“Since then they have participated in the battle as a member of the “Hungry Wolves” team.

※ The game screen is still under development.

Game Information

  • game name:King of Fighters XV

  • The original name of the game: THE KING OF FIGHTERS XV

  • Game type: Fight against each other

  • Corresponding platform: Unknown

  • Release Date: 2021

  • Suggested Price: Undecided

  • Language version: Undecided

  • Number of players: 1~2

  • Age classification: Undecided

  • Developer: SNK

  • Publisher: SNK

  • Agency Distribution: Undecided

  • Official website:https://www.snk-corp.co.jp/official/kof-xv/



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