The kilo of tomato, fifteen times more expensive in Japan than in Egypt


The Asian country has, along with South Korea, Puerto Rico and Switzerland, the highest prices of the most popular vegetables

Jorge Murcia

Japan is an expensive country in many ways. For example with regard to certain foods, such as vegetables. There, buying a kilo of tomatoes costs an average of five euros. With that money, almost 15 kilos could be purchased in Egypt. And in Spain, three. These are data extracted from a study conducted by The comparator portal has examined the average price of four of the most popular vegetables (tomato, potato, onion and lettuce) in 98 countries around the world.

A general conclusion of the study is that Japan, South Korea, Puerto Rico and Switzerland have the highest prices. A basket that includes a kilo of potatoes, onion and tomato, plus a lettuce, does not go below ten euros in these countries. In Japan they exceed twelve euros (12.03), while in South Korea and Puerto the prices are above eleven euros (11.85 and 11.24 euros respectively). In Switzerland it is paid at 10.28 euros.

At the opposite extreme are Pakistan, Egypt and Turkey. In the first two countries, the basket with these four products costs an average of 1.24 euros. That is, almost ten times less than in Japan. In Turkey it is paid at 1.53 euros and in Algeria, one cent more expensive. Spain appears in position 63 with an average price of 4.88 euros.

The cheapest tomatoes are found in two of the largest producers of this vegetable, Egypt and India. In both countries they can be purchased at an average of less than 1 euros per kilogram. In Spain, that average price is 1.63 euros, which places it in 63rd place in the ranking of countries (from most to least cheap). In general, Spain always appears in the lower half of that ranking.

In the case of the price of lettuce, it ranks 57, with an average of 0.94 euros per kilo. The cheapest countries are Uzbekistan (0.22 euros), Egypt (0.25 euros) and Nepal (0.26 euros). Regarding potatoes, in Spain they are paid at an average of 1.16 euros per kilogram. This tuber is sold for less than one euro in some Latin American countries, Portugal and China. For their part, in Puerto Rico, South Korea and Japan the price is almost three times higher than Spain (3.08 euros in the Japanese case).

A kilo of onion can be purchased in Spain at an average of 1.15 euros, 13 cents more expensive than Portugal, and one compared to the United Kingdom. The cheapest are in the markets of Turkey and Uzbekistan, in both cases at 0.24 euros per kilo.


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