The Kia EV9 Concept is a vision of an electric alternative to Sorento. He can change the cabin and pull out the hagus

For the first time, the carmaker Kia suggests the appearance of the future EV9 model. Its prototype is a 4,930 mm long family SUV with an unconventional body and cabin.

Kia already has a range of purely electric models. It is simply called EV and so far it only counts the EV6 crossover. But another addition to this series is already emerging. It will be called the Kia EV9 and the carmaker is suggesting its design with the concept of the same name presented at the ongoing Los Angeles Motor Show. The one according to the manufacturer “Represents another possible development variant of an SUV.”

At first glance, the novelty impresses with its external shapes. Electric cars usually play for the best possible aerodynamics, but in this case Kia came up with a strictly angularly shaped car. According to the carmaker, the design is provocative and adapted to a purely electric drive.

The digital tiger mask has thus been replaced by a digital solution with a display, which welcomes the driver with light animation. At the same time, they serve as position lights while driving and thus accompany non-traditional vertical daytime running lights with a unique light signature.

It was the possibility of redesigning the front parts thanks to the electric drive that made it possible to redesign the air vents, which thus improves the car’s aerodynamics. Similarly, in the rear of the hood, in a place reserved for cars with an internal combustion engine, there is a photovoltaic panel serving as an alternative source of electricity. The aerodynamics are also aided by a camera system instead of the classic exterior rear-view mirrors or retractable roof rails, which can slide into the roof when they are not needed.

In terms of dimensions, the Kia Concept EV9 roughly corresponds to a family SUV Sorento. It measures 4,930 mm in length, is 2,055 mm wide and 1,790 mm in height. As usual, the wheelbase is really generous with electric cars, with a value of 3,100 mm.

The technical basis was provided by the E-GMP architecture developed for the needs of electrically powered cars. It uses state-of-the-art solutions, such as DC charging of up to 350 kW. The carmaker does not disclose the capacity of the batteries, but they should be enough to cover up to 483 kilometers.

The interior of the Concept EV9 is also untraditionally conceived. Its central motif is an ultra-widescreen display with a diagonal of 27 “, which is used to control multimedia elements, air conditioning and comfort elements. and is completely integrated into the dashboard.

The possibility of adapting the cab concept to different functions is special, which is again related to the electric drive. For electric cars, ways must be found to make optimal use of the cab, even when standing still, when the car is charging.

That’s why there are three modes – Active for the ride itself, a lounge-like Pause, in which the first and third row seats rotate against each other, creating a table space between the second row, and Enjoy, when the tailgate opens and the third row seats rotate. for the opportunity to enjoy the surroundings of the car.

In the spirit of the principle of sustainability, there is a lack of sustainable and ecological materials. Recycled fishing nets have been used in part to produce the vehicle’s floor covering, while the seat upholstery fabric is made from recycled plastic bottles and recycled wool fibers. Artificial (vegan) leather is also used throughout the cabin.

The Kia Concept EV9 is a pure concept, but its elements are to appear in the upcoming model of the same name. When he arrives is not yet clear, but it could be during 2022.

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