The key Fantastic Four, the big Spider-Man 4: Kevin Feige reveals the future of Marvel

The head of Marvel Studios talked about most of the films and series that the studio is preparing and the overall direction of the central story.

Along with how Ant-Man a Wasp: Quantumania enters cinemas (read our review), journalists have the opportunity to speak with the boss again after some time Marvel Kevinem Feigem. And that in turn can be a hair more shareable when the next movie is out successfully. A magazine could do a big interview with him Entertainment Weeklywho asked for details on much of the announced movies and miniseries, as well as the overall direction of the Marvel Universe.

A key element Ant-Mana a Wasp: Quantumanie was a performance Kanga Dobyvatele (Jonathan Majors), another big villain who, after Thanos, presents a new challenge to the world of superheroes. Marvel he had known for a long time that he would be the successor of Thanos, already because he is significantly different from him and that he has multiple forms.

The studio divides its work into so-called Phases, although, according to Feige, it is more of a tool for viewers to find their way around the wide range of titles, rather than some unambiguously given, premeditated division. If the current so-called 4th phase was largely about introducing a new generation of heroes, already coming after the gradually departing Avengers, then 5th phase it focuses in no small part on presenting the larger story that unfolds across the two following phases. Ant-Man 3 is a clear example of this when the sequence of events that will lead to the actually begins Avengers: The Kang Dynasty a Avengers: Secret Wars. However, this does not mean that all the films and series will contribute to the main story, just as in the first three phases not all films contributed to the central story of Thanos. The possibilities for the world should also play a fundamental role Marvel they bring playing with the multiverse.

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Feige went on to say that due to the high competition and the number of projects that Marvel produces itself, in the future more emphasis will be placed on making individual films and series were significantly different from each other and they were able to excel. It is also to be created in the future fewer series (miniseries), which will have larger intervals between them. At the same time, it is also true that regular fans of all the Marvel movies should be rewarded with the discovery of details and connections that the holiday viewer might miss, but at the same time it should still be possible to follow all the stories individually and no need to “do your homework” before going to the cinema and let go of everything that came before.

Not only that series will be less, but they should also be frequent more episodic. They will not be long films divided into chapters, but a series of relatively separate short stories, which by this nature are not suitable for a feature-length treatment. She was largely portrayed in a similar way She-Hulk and a similar formula will be followed as well Daredevil: Born Again.

O mutantech Feige doesn’t want to say much yet. Although Kamala Khan and Namor have been labeled as mutants, we must not forget that the word mutant is not necessarily always associated with Marvel comics a X-Meny, but it is also a term commonly used in genetics. However, the boss admits that they already have a clear plan in the studio for when and how they will present X-Meny. He just won’t tell us any details yet. On the contrary, he revealed that the team will be of fundamental importance in the future Fantastic four. We should know more about her soon, and she will be one of the pillars of the film world in the future Marvel.

Regarding other individual films and series, Feige commented more or less telegraphically. On Captain Marvel two very different projects closely follow each other. Secret invasion a The Marvels. A lot of time has passed within the universe, but the story started in Captain Marvel going on right now. Specifically in The Marvels we should expect elements from the Skrull and Kree warwhich is well known to comic book readers.

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Captain America: New World Order will start filming soon and Thaddeus Ross, who is playing again after the death of William Hurt Harrison Ford, will have a bigger role than ever before. He is the President of the United States and will have a significant relationship with Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie), by Captain America. They will start shooting soon as well Thunderbolts, in which it is interesting that none of the team members would describe themselves as a hero. Bucky Barnes is supposed to be the leader of the group in a way (Sebastian Stan).

Filming will also begin in the coming months the blade. New director Yann Demange he has already moved to Atlanta, where the film will be shot. It is to return in some form Moon Knight. And for some, the smallest at the end: Marvel has big ideas for the next Spider-Man movie and is currently starting to write the script.

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Source: Entertainment Weekly

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