The July diet. Reduce your waistline and protect your skin

Sun, sea, desire to be outdoors and to take off some clothes. Too bad for that extra “roll” on the belly which makes us a little uncomfortable. And not just for an aesthetic question. In recent years, in fact, the many conscious nutrition campaigns launched by institutions and scientific societies have opened up the population to a new horizon: losing a few centimeters in the waist is especially important for health.

Why should we lose belly fat

The visceral fat it is the most dangerous to health. In fact, the adipose tissue is intensely vascularized: the more fat we have and the more blood vessels we have. This condition therefore forces the heart to pump more blood and the end result could be an increase in blood pressure. But there is more: it predisposes to chronic pathologies such as diabetes mellitus and metabolic syndrome. And if the abdominal and subcutaneous adipose tissue is inflamed due to the presence of cytokines given by the fat cells increased in volume, the oxygen is reduced, the connective tissue is altered and there is a difficulty in losing fat. In short, a vicious cycle that makes weight loss particularly difficult.

The meter is more important than the scale

Before starting the diet, measure your circumference of your waist placing a meter at the navel. According to the new guidelines, in order to be healthy and avoid coronary pathologies, one should fall into these four different measures:

  • moderate weight: 80 cm for women and 90 cm for men
  • overweight: 90 cm for women and 100 cm for men
  • first degree obesity: 105 cm for women and 110 cm for men
  • second degree obesity: 115 cm for women and 125 cm for men

Then monitor the loss of centimeters weekly. The proposed meal plan lasts for a week, but it can be repeated over time in agreement with your doctor, exchanging foods in the same category: fish with fish; vegetables with vegetables; cheeses with cheeses etc. Always preferring seasonal products.

What to bring to the table?

Lots of seasonal fruit and vegetables, together with whole grains and legumes and a reduced intake of animal proteins such as meat (especially white), low-fat cheeses and eggs, with a good intake of fresh fish are the ideal foods to reduce the waistline “, explains the dr. Corrado Pierantoni, specialist in endocrinology and replacement diseases and clinical nutritionist in Lanciano (Ch). “All foods present in our good Mediterranean diet which, among other things, in this period makes available to us colorful plants rich in antioxidants which protect the skin from increased exposure to sunlight and moisturize it from the inside, helping to fight the photoaging which inevitably occurs in the summer “.

The general rules of the weekly plan

“The 5 daily meals – says the expert – include a sufficient supply and in a correct ratio all the nutrients. As soon as you wake up it is recommended to take 1 glass of lemon water, detoxifying and pH rebalancing. For lunch and dinner, vegetables must be strictly taken as an appetizer. A glass of red wine, rich in resveratrol, one of the most powerful, is allowed antioxidants naturally occurring. If, despite the 5 meals you feel the desire for dessert, treat yourself to 20 g (4 squares) of dark chocolate to be taken throughout the day “.

The menus of the week


BREAKFAST: 1 glass of almond milk; 4 whole wheat dry biscuits; 1 cup of raspberries; 1 cup of green tea


LUNCH: Julienne carrot salad; chickpea hummus; lemon spinach

AFTERNOON SNACK: 1 slice of watermelon; 1 cup of green tea

PRICE: Mixed salad; 1 portion of ricotta; 1 slice of toasted wholemeal bread


BREAKFAST: 1 HD yogurt (lactose free); 2 rice cakes with a veil of jam; 1 cup of green tea

SNACK MORNING: 2 apricots

LUNCH: Tomato salad; couscous with carrots, cucumbers and feta cheese

AFTERNOON SNACK: 1 peach; 1 cup of green tea

PRICE: Radicchio salad; baked sea bass with cherry tomatoes, olives and aromatic herbs; 1 slice of toasted wholemeal bread


BREAKFAST: 1 centrifuged cucumber, carrot and pineapple; 1 slice of toasted bread with extra virgin olive oil; 1 cup of green tea

SNACK MORNING: 30 g of lean raw ham; 2 slices of pineapple

LUNCH: Mixed salad; spaghetti with seafood

AFTERNOON SNACK: 1 slice of melon; 1 cup of green tea

PRICE: Cold salad of green beans, potatoes and red Tropea onion; 1 boiled egg (to add, if desired, to the salad)


BREAKFAST: 1 vegetable yogurt; 1 tablespoon of wholemeal oat bran; 4 strawberries; 1 cup of green tea

SNACK MORNING: 1 cup of cherries

LUNCH: Tomato and cucumber salad; risotto with shrimp and zucchini

AFTERNOON SNACK: 1 centrifuged carrot, melon and fennel

PRICE: Steamed spinach with lemon juice; 1 dish of bresaola with peach or fig wedges; 1 slice of toasted bread


BREAKFAST: 1 glass of HD milk; 2 wholemeal biscuits; 1 cup of green tea


LUNCH: Lettuce and radicchio salad; spelled salad with dried cherry tomatoes, peas and feta


PRICE: Salad of roasted red pepper fillets with garlic and fresh mint; mackerel fillets flavored with lemon and aromatic herbs; 1 slice of toasted bread


BREAKFAST: 1 kefir; 2 wholemeal dry biscuits; 1 cup of green tea

SNACK MORNING: 1 slice of melon

LUNCH: Grilled aubergines seasoned with parsley and garlic; grilled turkey breast; 1 slice of toasted bread

AFTERNOON SNACK: 1 centrifuged pineapple, apple and carrot

PRICE: Mixed salad; 1 vegetarian pizza with vegetables


BREAKFAST: 1 cup of lemon granita; 1 slice of toasted bread

SNACK MORNING: 1 slice of watermelon

LUNCH: Lettuce and rocket salad; pasta with light swordfish ragout

AFTERNOON SNACK: 1 cup of mixed fruit salad

PRICE: Radicchio and walnut salad; spinach omelette; 1 slice of toasted wholemeal bread


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