The joys of “Lielo Muļķi” fans – the best domestic series of the year will be a continuation

The second season of the self-proclaimed “best domestic series of the year” will return immediately after the magical Midsummer Night’s Day – Midsummer morning, June 24. And the village heroes will be seen all over Europe where the first season – “Shortcut” is still available interactive television.

The British television show, which also shot the first season of “Big Fools”, had already started filming in Romania, but then a tragedy occurred and they had to rectify the situation – returning to the well-known company and its strained relationship with the nearby village of Little Fools.

In the second season, all the spectators’ favorite characters will return. Spectators will once again meet the leading trio of the village – Garo (Kristaps Strūbergs, a member of the group “Singapore Satin”), the romantic poet Rainīte (comedian and also a member of “Singapore Satin”), Edgars Bāliņš, a romantic poet, better to hide his wives and girlfriends, Egils (actor Paul Iklavs).

The village elections have not taken place, and Alnis (showman Roberts Gobziņš) will still be in the mayor’s chair, who is still helped by the unbeatable village gossip manager Jolanda (comedian Jolanda Suvorova).

Of course, the audience will also meet the young women of the Big Fools – Katie (Puppet Theater actress Elīna Bojarkina), a persistent lover of love in the world, and the recently adopted daughter Laima (actress Aminata Grieta Diarra). The creators of the series also promise new characters involved in incredible events, whose names and roles have not been revealed yet, but warn that they will irritate the senses of the audience.

“Big Fools” are recorded in documentary or documentary satire format. In collaboration with the “Helio Media” series, the young directors Kristians Alhimionoks and Alberts viegliņš are creating, while the screenplay was created by playwright and writer Rasa Bugavičute-Pēce.

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