The journalist from The New York Times who revealed the Mossad report on the attacks on the Israeli embassy and the AMIA spoke

Ronen Bergmanthe journalist who wrote the note published in The New York Times about the Mossad report, he gave an interview in which he stated again that Hezbollah had established a cell to carry out the attacks on the Israeli embassy and the AMIA; and he dismissed suspicions that Argentine officials were involved.

The journalist specialized in terrorism and military intelligence considered that the publication allowed “understand what really happened”thanks to “information received in recent years”.

In that sense, he explained that the Mossad report -Israel’s secret service- contains “names of many people who are alive today, found refuge in Beirut and even rose through the ranks within the Hezbollah structure.”

He pointed out that “against some of them, Interpol issued a red alert, against others it did not, and they were involved in the actual attack in Buenos Aires.”

“Mossad also cited information from the prosecutor’s work Alberto Nisman referring to the decision-making process between Iran and Hezbollah,” he explained in the talk with Agencia AJN.

The Mossad noted in its investigation that no local connection. In this regard, Bergman indicated: “He refers to the direct involvement of officials of the Government or of Argentine citizens in the two attacks”.

“The Mossad did not investigate everything that happened after the attack, including the accusations against local government officials for helping to cover up the investigation, and I clarify again that if there was any Argentine citizen who rented a vehicle or had an interaction with the Lebanese, according to Mossad, he was unaware that he was aiding Hezbollah for a future attack,” he clarified.

Along these lines, he stressed that the investigation indicates that “whoever sold the cars used for the attacks to Hezbollah did not know what was going to happen and no evidence was found that extremist nationalists from the local government helped the attack.”

Bergman maintained that Hezbollah is “an organization that was created in 1982 by the Iranian regime, through the Revolutionary Guard and since it was founded it has been influenced by Iran, which finances political, military and social activity.”

He also said that “it is an organization that functions as a state within another in Lebanon and its activity requires a lot of money and resources.”

“For a long time, although Iran talked about its support for Hezbollah, it did not recognize that it helped in military matters, but in recent years it began to do so and today he expresses it clearly“, he stated.

Asked about Hezbollah and Iran being two sides of the same coin, he said: “Iran’s support for Hezbollah, unlike other organizations that Tehran supports, such as the Palestinian Hamas movements or Islamic Jihad, is very different.”

“The existence of Hezbollah as the main political, social and military force in Lebanon depends on Iran. Iran and Hezbollah are Shiites and that is why there is not only closeness of interests, but a much deeper issue, I would say that they see each other as very close and trusted allies. Hezbollah leaders received religious education in the same religious institutes as those in Iran and the Lebanese organization shares the same political ideology as Iran,” he concluded.

Finally, Bergman disassociated himself from the commotion that the publication generated in Argentina and responded bluntly: “It is not up to me to talk about other publications.”

The view of the AMIA and the DAIA

For the Government of Israel, “Iran was the author of the terrorist attacks on the Israeli embassy and the AMIA.” Photo: Emmanuel Fernandez

After the strong controversy generated by the note on the Mossad investigation, the AMIA and the DAIA stressed that the legal case on the attack on the Jewish mutual society “determined the responsibility of Iran, of former officials of that country and of Hezbollah in the planning and execution of the massacre” that occurred in 1994.

“The judicial file accredits multiple tests and contains numerous pieces of evidence that, derived and confirmed through various sources, allowed us to establish the role of Iran and its active participation in the decision, organization and financing of the terrorist attack, which has already been 28 years old. “, they expressed in a statement.

From the Jewish entities, they indicated that “it is essential to respect and give continuity to the evidence contained in the case and the conclusions reached by the Argentine Justice.”

At this point, they recalled that these conclusions “were confirmed by Interpol with the issuance of its red alerts, so that the international arrest warrants that weigh on the accused remain in force, so that they can be tried in our country with due constitutional guarantees. “.

“Beyond intelligence reports and journalistic publications that may transcend, it should be reiterated that the legal case processed in Argentina always held that the attack against the headquarters of Pasteur 633 was carried out by members of Hezbollah, the armed wing and executor of Iran,” they specified.

The AMIA and the DAIA considered that “attempting to differentiate between Iran and Hezbollah only leads to confusion in public opinion.” “There is no doubt that both are part of the same terrorist matrix,” they asserted.

In the text, the Jewish entities maintained that the presence of Iran in the region since the 1990s through members of Hezbollah in different countries “has been amply documented” and affirmed that at present “it continues to arouse great concern.”

Finally, they argued that the dissemination of extracts from the report last week, which are not part of the judicial file, “does not change at all what the community institutions have been holding for 28 years and which is recorded in the case.”

“The Prosecutor’s Office that is in charge of the investigation must continue to seek all the evidence that may become known so that justice can finally be achieved,” they indicated.

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