The Jablonec salamiist ​​was shocked, then calm. The boys also praised me for their cows, Vajner smiled

Radek Petrášek, ČTK

When did you learn that you were going to catch, did you have to fight nervousness?

I was only nervous on Friday when Vlasta (Rough) got injured in training. The coach definitely told me after him that I was catching. At first it was a bit of a shock. Finally came the day I’ve been waiting for all my life, so I couldn’t believe it. I was nervous, but I had all day to work it out. It all fell out of me the moment I came to warm up. I already felt very good in the match.

Did you sleep well before the match?

Great, I even went to bed at nine o’clock. (smiles)

Are you from Jablonec, the family was at the match?

She was to see mom with her little brother.

You scored both goals after shots from behind the lime within a few minutes. How difficult was it to end this situation?

It was a blow and a shock. But I immediately got away with it and said to myself that I couldn’t get away with it. I wanted to keep helping the boys. Then I got caught on Van Buren’s head again, so I got into it again. We also said something about the goalie coach at half time and I think I did well in my head. In the second half, I had a clear head again.

Coach Petr Rada said about you that you are a bit of a salami. Is right?

I’m probably not a salamiist, but it’s true that maybe a little phlegmatic. It helped me in this match. We did not pass after the second goal collected. Someone might fold, I had a clear head. Not that I didn’t care, but I kept believing and wanted to help the boys.

Gunner Doležal was charged, but Jablonec took only a point

I suppose the opposite was true.

Sure, the boys tried to help me, praised me for every cow to boost my confidence. I am grateful to them for that. I think we did a great job. Before the match, I mainly told the stoppers not to be afraid to play with my feet, that I believe in this. I don’t think it worked badly at all between us.

Do you blame any of the goals scored, or did the shooters hit it well?

Since I’m a perfectionist, I’d like to catch everything that’s up to me. So I blame the goals a bit. For the first goal, I had a shot hidden among my teammates. The trajectory of the balloon tended to go into the gallows. De facto, I kicked the ball in at my fingertips. And second? I don’t know, I still have to look at it and tell myself if I could have done more.

Jablonec solves the calamity among the goalkeepers, Vajner made his debut. I couldn’t believe it, the young man admitted

How hard was Bassey’s tutor a quarter of an hour before the end?

It was a matter of reducing the angle as quickly as possible so that he would not have a chance to process the balloon in any way or direct it towards the rod. I quickly started against him, we stretched, and I’m glad he hit me and we were holding the team at this moment.

Is it possible that you will still catch up on Thursday in the Conference League with Randers, will this performance help you?

So far, we have mainly focused on the league match. And I still don’t know if I’ll catch on Thursday either, it depends on the condition of Hany (Hanuš), what will make his shoulder in the training load. I will leave this question open.



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