the Italians among those who use it the most

Covid-19, streaming has been growing sharply in the months following the outbreak of the original pandemic in Wuhan.

Streaming Netflix (photo Gettyimages)

Due to Covid-19 and continuous lockdowns and regulations pushing for domestic isolation, the whole world has taken refuge in hobbies. Of course we talk about that kind of fun that it can be done at home. Many flocked to the kitchen, with the yeast that was nowhere to be found for several weeks. Obviously, many have played much more with the videogames for console or pc, but many have significantly increased the hours of streaming content watched every day. We are talking about a net and calculable increase, to understand how in such a complicated and in some ways absolutely new situation for us all, people have found shelter in films in TV series.

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Covid-19, streaming on the rise: Italians are among those who use it the most

Thanks to streaming platforms such as Netflix o Amazon Prime Videoin fact, Italians have found a way to occupy time without having to constantly think about the pandemic. According to data collected by State of Online Video 2020, the Italians would have passed just over 7 hours a day online watching streaming stuff. We are talking about a really very high average, among the highest in Europe. However, most of our compatriots, 51%, would cancel their subscription to the service streaming for the high prices, but didn’t decide to do it because it was necessary to get through this particular moment. However, the problem is often circumvented with the division of the account and therefore also of the expenses between several people. In this way even the expenses to be faced, which in this delicate moment can make a significant difference, are reduced.

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