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Italian first league player Spezia Calcio announced on Monday evening the completion of a player exchange with an opponent from Serie A from Empoli. Former Slovak representative Samuel Mráz also became a part of it.

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Dávid Strelec scores in the Michaloviec net.

In recent weeks, it has been speculated that the Senice offspring will strengthen the Bratislava Slavs.

However, the 24-year-old striker finally headed from Empoli to Spezia together with the back Dimitrios Nikolaou. Albanian national team defender Ardian Ismajli went in the opposite direction.

It looks like Mráz will not be the only Slovak finisher to visit Liguria. Spezia is interested in Dávid Strelec.

Before today’s retaliation of the third preliminary round of the European League against Lincoln Red Imps (20.30, the first match ended 3: 1 for Slovan), this was confirmed by the white coach Vladimír Weiss.

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“She will go to the match today. It’s here for now, we’ll see. The club and the player are negotiating (about the transfer), nothing is over. We can let him go if we have a replacement for him.

We are negotiating with several players and see what we will do in the coming days. However, certainly no one can leave this staff without a replacement, “Weiss warned.

This could be the well-known Andraž Šporar. The Slovenian striker performed excellent services in Tehelná pole.

In January 2020, he transferred to Sporting Lisbon for six million euros. However, he did not win a stable place in a loaded cadre.

“The club is negotiating with Andraž, I also talked to him after the match in Gibraltar. He is ready and you have to ask the management what stage it is at.

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I think he’s waiting for Tuesday’s game. Sporting is also waiting, because he will only release it if we play the group stage of one of the European competitions, “Weiss explained and added:

“I handed over a list of players I might be interested in and with whom I counted. Unfortunately, some are not here yet, but we are negotiating. Of course, the club is waiting to join the group.

Today’s match is very important for the future of Slovan, so that everything is in order in the club.

Slovan is a demanding, expensive club, it is not easy to take it financially. Players have created good conditions and money does not grow on the tree. We also need to look at the financial side. “



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