The Iranian Defense Ministry reported a drone attack on a military plant. Al-Arabiya sources claim that the United States and “another country” may be involved in this, but not Israel

On the night of January 29, an explosion occurred at one of the factories of the country’s Ministry of Defense in an Iranian city.reported local media. Iranian military department stated about the “unsuccessful attack” of mini-drones on their production complex: one drone was shot down by air defense systems, the other two “fell into defensive traps and exploded.” In its report, the Iranian Defense Ministry does not specify who owned the drones that attacked the plant. As a result of the attack, according to the ministry, no one was injured, the roof of one of the workshops was damaged.

In turn, The Jerusalem Post, citing sources in Western intelligence informsthat the drone attack in Isfahan was a “phenomenal success” and not only the roof of the workshop was damaged. The publication does not give details and does not specify who was behind the attack.

Po data local media, an ammunition factory was attacked. What exactly was produced at this plant, the Iranian Defense Ministry does not report. British Defense Research Institute (RUSI) indicates, that near Isfahan there is an Iranian enterprise Shahed Aviation Industries, associated with the production of Shahed 131/136 kamikaze drones. Such drones Russia uses in Ukraine. The air defense of the Iranian army was put on high alert, writes Iran International TV channel.

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On Sunday night, social networks reported the sounds of explosions and fires in other cities of Iran. Most of the reports remained unconfirmed. So, Iran International and “BBC” With reference to eyewitness reports, they write about explosions in the north-west of Tehran, in the cities of Dizful and Rasht in the west and north of the country, as well as about the air raid sirens that went off at the Hamadan airbase.

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In the industrial city of Shahid Salimi in the province, a fire broke out at a motor oil processing plant, reported Tasnim agency. The region is located near the province of Western Azerbaijan, where at the same time occurred a magnitude 5.9 earthquake that killed three people and injured more than 800 others.

However, local authorities said that the cause of the fire was that some oil tanks exploded due to the heat. So far, no information has been released about the dead and injured. It is known that one of the fire service vehicles burned down in the fire.

Later Iranian state news agency IRNA reportedthat the allegations of bombings in Iranian cities other than Isfahan were supposedly deliberately spread by Israel as part of a media attack.

So far, no one has claimed responsibility for the drone attack. Israel and the United States are suspected of the attack. Some media drew attention to the statement of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, with whom he spoke a few hours before the explosions in Iran. He said Israel would take “several immediate steps” Saturday night to fight terrorism. The reason for these statements, apparently, was attacks in Jerusalemthat have taken place in the last day.

As informs The New York Times, telegram channels linked to Israel, accused Israel of being behind the attack and warned that “experience has shown that Iran will retaliate.” Western media same assumedthat the explosion at a defense plant is the result of a “shadow war” between Israel and Iran.

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In turn, Al-Arabiya, citing American sources informsthat the US Air Force and “another country” participated in the attack on the Isfahan plant, and the attack was on a ballistic missile depot. American sources “Al-Hadat” they saythat Israel did not participate in the attack, and the purpose of the operation was to send a signal to Iran and Russia that “the creation of factories and the export of ballistic weapons is prohibited.”

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