The iPhone soon sold without charger?

Iphone soon sold without charger

The “unpacking” of your new iPhone will undoubtedly be modified in the coming months. According to famous analyst Ming-chi Kuo, Apple plans to exclude not only the headphones from the new iPhone models, but also the charger. According to him, the intention of the American giant is to offset the cost of the transition to 5G and, therefore, generate more profit.

The boxes of the next iPhone could be more compact. Indeed, according to Ming-chi Kuo, an analyst whose information is often very reliable, Apple would have planned to remove from its kits the headphones and the charger.

But why would the American giant make this choice? Several reasons are cited. First, the economic aspect. The transition to 5G is expensive, Apple is looking for solutions to maintain the first prices from 809 euros. More compact boxes would reduce the cost of transportation and storage.

An adapter for 35 euros

The ecological dimension is one of the other reasons for this major change. Apple assumes that many of its customers already have a compatible charger when buying a new model. The idea of ​​not including it automatically in its kits would reduce the carbon footprint of the iPhone, and potential waste.

Still according to the analyst, Apple could still integrate the simple cable that allows you to charge your iPhone through a USB port. Customers should therefore offer an additional AC adapter, available today for 35 euros.

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