The iOS 15 Operating System will be Launched by Apple on September 20, Here are the New Features

SUBANG NEWS Apple according to tradition of announcing a stable version of their latest operating system, iOS 15, coincided with the launch of the series smartphone their newest iPhone 13.

Apple in Latest Gadget News announced that they will be launching an operating system iOS 15 for iPhone with iPadS 15 for iPad and WatchOS for the series Apple Watch them.

Operating system iOS 15 of Apple not only offers a refreshed interface and visuals, but also adds new features for iPhone which can increase user productivity.

Apple introduced the SharePlay feature in the app FaceTime them, which users can use to stay connected while having conversations while watching movies, listening to music, and even being able to share screens with them.

There is also an audio Spatial that can describe the voice of each individual on the screen from their respective direction and also a Grid display on FaceTime which makes it easy for users to have group conversations.

On iOS These 15 links, images and other content shared with users in Messages are displayed in the Recently Shared section with You section of the respective app and users can also reply directly from the running app.

There are additional Shared with You options for the Photos, Safari, Apple News, Apple Music, Apple Podcasts, and also Apple TV.

On iOS there is also a Focus feature that users can use to get only the notifications they want. It can be used when the user is driving, exercising, reading, and playing game. AI di iOS 15 can also deliver messages to the interlocutor if the user is unable to reply to messages.

Notifications on iOS 15 is redesigned and has a larger contact photo and app badge to make it easier for users to identify them and a collection of notifications organized by user relevance.



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