The invaders left Kremennaya – Gaidai


The Luhansk region awaits the onset of unemployment in the region

The Russian invaders have left some settlements in the Lugansk region, but the Ukrainian armed forces have not yet arrived, says the head of the Grape.

The Russian occupiers have completely left the Kremennaya Lugansk region, Luhansk OVA President Serhiy Gadai said Tuesday.

“We are monitoring the situation in Liman, whose liberation is crucial for our region, fighting is still going on around the city. To date, Kremennaya is completely empty: the Russian army has left the city. The Ukrainian flag. waving there, which was raised by the partisans. The situation is somewhat similar to Starobelsk, “he said on air on the telethon.

“Basically, everything is concentrated in the direction of Liman – Svatovo-Kremennaya. We see that the remains of some (Russian) troops are concentrated there. The main blow will be there and the unemployment of the Luhansk region will start from there,” he said.

At the same time, Gaidai noticed that the invaders fled Svatovo first, but returned after a while.

According to him, there is a shortage of fuel in the occupied territories due to the large-scale flight of invaders and collaborators.

Gaidai had already said that unemployment in the Luhansk region can begin after the liberation of the city of Liman.

Note that the information on the start fight for Lyman appeared last week in parallel with the counter-offensive of the Ukrainian armed forces in the Kharkiv region. The struggle for the city continues for several days.

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