The invaders are gradually withdrawing – OK South

Photo: Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces

APU continues the counter-offensive in the south

The Ukrainian army is gradually securing new liberated territories in the south of the country.

The Russian invaders are gradually withdrawing into southern Ukraine, said the head of the joint press center of the defense forces of the “South” operational command Natalia Gumenyuk on Friday.

“The fighting is harsh, in the south it is quite hot, although the weather has become a little cooler. The fire is coming from one side and the other. But the enemy continues to concede, slowly we are securing the territories. And this stresses him, respectively, the bombings become more or less, depending on how much ammunition we hit during the night, “he said.

According to her, significant damage was inflicted on the invading forces on the last day.

“We have had quite significant results in the last day: these are command posts and command posts and areas where equipment and weapons and people are concentrated, but we do not see the results yet, because they are being investigated. It is clear that in the territory busy it is more difficult to calculate these results. But we are very grateful to the local population, very grateful to the resistance movement: they help us in this and we are sure that by evening the relationship will be powerful enough. ” Gumenyuk said.

In addition, he commented on the pseudo-referendum of the occupiers started today and the mobilization.

“They need mobilization to demonstrate at least some activity, in particular, to the political-military leadership of the attacking country, because they see no care for themselves, they don’t see the logistics for themselves, they don’t see that someone needs them there. – I’m talking about the units that are now at the forefront in the south on the other side … Mobilization and referendum are just another manipulation with which they describe their activities, nothing more, “Gumenyuk said.

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According to the Chief Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense, a number of units of the occupation army in the Kherson region received the order to staff retreat on the left bank of the Dnieperusing for this small boats – motor boats hijacked in the surrounding villages.-

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