The introduction of the new VW Golf R is around the corner

Volkswagen has announced the premiere date through its special Instagram account.

While yesterday belonged to the new Volkswagen Golf GTI Clubsport, today Volkswagen has decided to recall the sharpest version of the eighth Golf. In his special instagram account, Volkswagen R published a video announcing the date of its world premiere.

It should take place on November 4, but it is too early to predict what it will look like. However, the form in which Volkswagen announced the premiere of the new erk model is also quite strange.

In a short video, only a fraction of the time is devoted to the new Golf, the rest is filled with shots of a sharp Volkswagen T-Roc R. The sharp compact crossover is the latest addition to the R model family, which includes the recently rejuvenated Arteon (including Shooting Brake), Tiguan or Touareg. In the future, in addition to the Golf R, the more practical Golf R Variant is also planned.

Like most of the models mentioned above, the new Volkswagen Golf R should be fitted with the proven supercharged four-cylinder 2.0 TSI. It will most likely be tuned to a power of around 235 kW (320 hp) and 420 Nm, which are parameters of the new Arteon R. The transmission of power to the wheels is likely to be provided exclusively by the DSG automatic transmission.

According to earlier speculations, however, there was a variant that the new Golf R would be equipped with a supercharged five-cylinder Audi. Similar information swarmed around the Arteon R, but according to behind-the-scenes speeches, Audi technicians do not want to share much in their five-cylinder, so the sharp Volkswagen will probably have to make do with four-cylinder.

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Regardless of the final parameters, the new Volkswagen Golf R should arrive in European markets probably in the middle of next year. Unlike the traditional model, it will also look at the US market together with the GTI model.


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