The International Garden Festival of the Domaine de Chaumont-sur-Loire will be on the theme of the “ideal garden”

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This is THE meeting place for lovers of architecture, history and gardens. From the general public to specialists, the International Garden Festival of Chaumont-sur-Loire offers magnificent stagings, impressive sources of inspiration. Organic matter, nitrogenous matter, etc.
There are different families like:

organic matter, which constitutes living beings (animals or plants) or…” data-image=” jpg” data-url=”” data-more=”Read more”>MaterialsGnomon: from a simple stick to a sundial
In ancient times, the gnomon was…” data-image=”” data-url= “” data-more=”Read more”>styles, plants, all elements highlighted in The history of the universe began some 13.7 billion years ago in an extremely dense and hot soup. The laws of physics as we…” data-image=”” data-url= “” data-more=”Read more”>universe different in order to show the importance of the relationship of Man with nature, of being able to live in symbiosis.

Showcase of plant know-how

Since 1992, the Domaine de Chaumont has presented more than 860 ephemeral gardens which have fascinated more than 500,000 visitors, who come each year to experience moments of pleasure in the green. The garden turns out to be an essential resource that you have to know how to work, pamper to live together. This Estate is located in the heart of the magnificent landscapes of the Loire Valley, listed in the Unesco World Heritageoverlooking the Loire, between Tours and Blois.

“Ideal garden”: theme of the 2022 edition

Nowadays, there is a real awareness that our relationship with nature and plants is constantly evolving for known reasons such as the global warming, food concerns, intensive urbanization, the list is long… From this observation, the theme of the 2022 edition was born “Ideal garden”. Can we dream of a green setting that can be beautiful, good, nurturing, water efficient et en energies, bio, which generates happiness and well-being, comforting and innovative? Here are questions and above all a challenge to the designers of the gardens of this year’s edition in order to find answers. Their projects will have to take these considerations into account in order to show a synthesis of what Man and the living can create together to generate a better world. Carte blanche is offered to these designers to amaze us, surprise us, teach us and help us discover ideas through their vegetated plot. A real mix of materials, techniques, plants and ideas to compose gardens so different from each other, let us be guided through these universes full of inventiveness.

As Chantal Colleu-Dumond, director of the Domaine, explains: ” In this ideal garden to be invented, all the virtues, all the qualities of the garden and all the constraints of our time had to be considered and proposed by the designers, who had to give up no innovation, no proposal, to make their plot a concentrate of beauty, emotion, benefits, but also of knowledge and know-how. »

Real open-air laboratory

In 2022, there are about thirty ephemeral gardens created by professionals from different worlds such as plants, design, architecture, decorationlandscape, biology, botanical, ecology and many others. The 2022 edition will bring together designers from all over the world: English, American, Italian, Spanish, Polish, German, Belgian, Chinese, Dutch, each with their own inspirations.

As you discover the different gardens, your five senses will be solicited at all times. You will be surprised by the botanical range proposed, the sets of scenes proposed to occupy the spaces, the Sometimes, the color…” data-image=” midioriginal/7/9/5/7951943cc1_85596_color.jpg” data-url=”” data-more=”Read more”>colors breathtaking, the exuberant foliage, the layout of the plots, the aquatic elements, the invitation to gluttony with fruits and edible flowers, the promise of good times shared to discuss and find inspiration.

Short route through the sumptuous gardens:

  • The garden Bleu 47°a veritable hymn to the color blue with clematisThe iris plant
    Son…” data-image=”” data-url=”” data-more=”Lire la suite”>iris, water games in symbiosis with the sky. This garden brings optimism and joie de vivre.
  • The Garden of Reciprocity reminds us that Man cannot do without nature. Games of mirrors and water points merge so that Man blends into nature.
  • The garden of the nymphs guides you in a lost paradise, crazy cabins where To provide additional details, specialists can decline the term with different prefixes: avifauna therefore concerns birds…” data-image=”https://cdn.” data-url=” /definitions/zoology-fauna-2269/” data-more=”Read more”>wildlife and the flora mix together to enhance the biodiversity. You can walk on a pontoon which overlooks a bigvantage point of butterfliesThe dragonfly, from the group of odonates
    Le…” data-image=”” data-url=”” data-more=”Lire la suite”>dragonflies and More…” data-image=”” data- url=”” data-more=”Read more”>insects.
  • my house is a garden presents the harmony between interior and exterior, a contemporary and vegetal house, with rooms that invite themselves into the garden. Canopy bed placed on a carpet of grass, levitating table, living room open to the pool, so many magnificent discoveries.

Finally, take advantage of a new shaded terrace near the Café du Parc where you can cool off and relax with lots of inspirational ideas in mind to reproduce in your garden or on the your terrace.

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