The interior of a burned-out apartment in a Bohumín block of flats

“We assume that it will be in the order of several million crowns,” said Deputy Mayor of Bohumín Igor Bruzl (CSSD). The fire broke out on Saturday, August 8, and according to the police, the apartment was intentionally set on fire by a 54-year-old man who was resolving family disputes in this way. There was just a birthday party in the apartment.

The living room of an apartment in a panel house in Bohumín, in which 11 people died a week ago.

Photo: Petr Sznapka, CTK

The man admitted that he flooded the door with fire and set it on fire. Six people died directly in the apartment, three of them children. Another five people were killed when they jumped out of a burning apartment on the eleventh floor. Four people managed to escape the flames by climbing to the balcony of a neighboring apartment.

Kitchen with a balcony of a burned-out apartment

Photo: Petr Sznapka, CTK

The Moravian-Silesian Region has announced a public fundraiser to help the families of the victims and the injured. Interested parties can contribute until September 15. So far, more than 400 thousand crowns have been collected on account 868686/2700. The region itself will contribute 100 thousand crowns for each victim and 50 thousand crowns for each injured.

Bedroom in a burned-out apartment in a Bohumín panel house

Photo: Petr Sznapka, CTK

Corridor near the burned-out apartment of a panel house in Bohumín in the Karviná region

Photo: Petr Sznapka, CTK

The town hall is looking for alternative housing for six families who do not want to return to the house after this event.

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