The Interior Ministry: the mask is mandatory if you are walking, but not for those who run outdoors

Who walks outdoors must wear a mask, who instead runs, no. The Interior Ministry, in a circular signed yesterday evening by the head of Cabinet Bruno Frattasi, provides further clarifications of what is already contained in the Prime Minister’s Decree of last 7 October in which he exempts from the obligation to use “the subjects who are carrying out sport activity”.

Azzolina, we evaluate rapid tests at school

No hypothesis to close “The Government is evaluating the use of rapid tests also for schools, as I have been asking for some time”, said the Minister of Education. Lucia Azzolina. “There is no hypothesis – he added – of restrictive measures for schools. The Government has not discussed them at all. And the opposite would be strange: There is no hypothesis of restrictive measures for schools. The Government has none. and it would be strange the opposite: the data confirm that schools are much safer places than others “.

Di Maio: the first doses of the vaccine by the end of the year

“Thanks to the agreement with Oxford University, by the end of the year we will have the first doses of the vaccine. And we have to overcome and from the beginning of next year we will start vaccinations”, said the Foreign Minister. Luigi Di Maio, guest of Half an hour more on Rai Tre. “In February – added the minister – we were absolutely not prepared, we had nothing, not even as a production chain. Now we have a country that may have dysfunctions, but it has equipped itself and has shown that it can deal with the emergency. This is a A country that must not be too hard on itself. Intensive care is equipped “.

The government convenes the control room with the Regions

The Minister for Regional Affairs Francesco Boccia has called for tomorrow the control room with the Regions and local authorities to take stock with the governors and representatives of the territories on the measures that will enter the new Dpcm.


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