“The Inspiring Story of a Breton Entrepreneur: Sébastien Bedel and the Nuage Hunting Farm”

The Nuage Hunting Farm, in Longes, is the story of a Breton entrepreneur, Sébastien Bedel, grandson of farmers, passionate about breeding from an early age, who after studying journalism, started career in communication, preferred, he says, “chlorophyll to paper”, to draw a destiny as a farmer. It was in Rhône-Alpes, not far from his big sister living in Lyon, that he experienced his first experiences as a farmer-cheese maker in the Alpine pastures, in Savoie, in the Vosges, etc. “I discovered magnificent landscapes, great diversity, more freedom, and also the possibility of doing direct sales so as not to be dependent on the industry…

2023-05-29 17:37:45
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