The inspector knew a dsilnka from the subway, who had previously attacked a ninety-year-old senior in the subway | Home

Prague The policeman seized a mue on Thursday morning, which could be a ton from the Prague metro. According to a video released by the police, the auditor recognized him. Richard Hrdina, the crackle of the police, spoke about this on the police website. Last week, the perpetrator attacked a nine-year-old woman in Prosek, who is clearly visible and is moving on a cane. He slammed her into the area as she handed him the seat for free.

Police informed about the attack on Wednesday. The case was carried out on suspicion of criminal offenses, for which he threatened for two years. At nine o’clock in the morning, the police officers restricted the work of the suspects, who answered the description of the wanted tonka from the attacked senior woman in the metro. The line auditor of the transport company called Line 158, who knew him through media coverage, said Hrdina. At the same time, he thanked the people of Amdim for their help with ptrn.

The spokesman again called on witnesses who saw the assailant in Prosek to call the full telephone line 158. Two police said that the investigators could be helped by video recordings, which some witnesses witnessed on their mobile phones.

The senior wanted to spend a week on Wednesday in the subway train at the Prosek station, sitting on the seat where he was lying and the cell took him. When he attacked her, the passenger stopped her. Tonka did not manage to seize, but the camera in the station captured his TV. woman due to injuries in the area of ​​health care. tonk j damaged the glasses, the code is more than 3000 crowns.

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