The inspection of Latvia’s Russian military infrastructure has been canceled

Visit of Latvian inspectors planned today to inspect Russian military infrastructure in Bryansk and Smolensk regions

Latvia’s inspection of Russia’s military infrastructure was lifted due to concerns about COVID-19Photo: AP

The visit of Latvian inspectors planned today to inspect the Russian military infrastructure in the Bryansk and Smolensk regions has been canceled.

Today’s inspection would have been part of a multi-day process that began on 24 January. According to the 2011 Vienna Document On this basis, Latvia should receive instructions on the formation and structure of units, tasks and military activities in the territory. However, Russia canceled visit in response to COVID’s concerns.

In recent weeks, both regions in western Russia near the Ukrainian border have become hotbeds of world politics. Russian President Vladimir Putin has deployed troops to Ukraine’s border to put pressure on NATO and other Western democracies to give Russia security guarantees and concessions. The demands include the withdrawal of NATO troops from the countries of the former Soviet Union and promises to end NATO enlargement, which is not a pioneer in the West.

The abolition of the inspection is almost certainly to allow Moscow to maintain some strategic uncertainty about its intentions and the structure of its forces in the region bordering Ukraine. Today’s repeal is likely to only exacerbate tensions in the region, especially given Latvia’s recent situation. military assistance to Ukraine. NATO is likely to respond with an increased military presence in other Eastern European countries and an increase in military assistance to Ukraine.

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