The inhabitants of Stěpanakert count the damage, in many flats they still do not have gas and water does not flow – ČT24 – Česká televize

Traces of the recent war can be seen almost everywhere in the center of Stepanakert. The capital of an internationally unrecognized republic was shelled for more than a month. The rocket also hit the house of Arthur Sagijan, a member of the Nagorno-Karabakh Armenian army.

“I managed to send my family to Armenia before this incident. This building was hit by the Smeršč rocket, a missile with a fragmentation warhead, not a cluster, “points to Sagijan’s damage.

Arthur Sagijan is an ensign of the Armenian Karabakh army. He fought all the time around the town of Šuša. Until its occupation by Azerbaijani troops.

“First there was a diversion group, then special units, including Turkish and Azerbaijani, they occupied Shusha. But there were also mercenaries, “he described.

The rockets hit the local power plant building in early October. “One person died here, two people were seriously injured. You see what they did. It is not a military object, it is a civilian building, “another Armenian resident of Stepanakert, Meher Hajdapetjan, showed.

Bombs fell elsewhere. People still live in the destroyed flats because they have no one to go to. This is the case of Julie Dalojanová, a disabled pensioner. “It is very difficult now. We still don’t have gas and water still doesn’t flow. That is simply a problem, “she said.


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