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During the weekend, the country’s vaccination centers were open to serve people, including young people 18 years of age and older, who can now opt for the first dose.

In the city’s vaccination centers, a number similar to that of the previous weeks was observed; Sunday was the busiest day.

In Campo Marte, the lines for vaccination from vehicles began about two blocks before entry and people had to wait almost an hour to enter, taking into account the waiting time, before a reaction.

The Army spokesman, Colonel Rubén Tellez, commented that the three vaccination centers in charge of the institution, Mariscal Zavala, Guardia de Honor and Campo Marte, have presented an influx of people, especially young people, who have already registered in the program to be immunized.

According to the Health vaccination plan, in the range of 18 to 29 years, They plan to vaccinate 3.9 million Guatemalans.

As of September 8, there were 3.3 million doses available out of the 8.5 million that have entered Guatemala since February 25.

Vaccination centers

  • The centers in charge of the Guatemalan Army will start at 7 a.m. to midnight. In zones 5, 10 and 17, and will begin immunization of adults over 25 years of age.
  • They will also be open three positions in zones 3 and 6.
  • In addition, in shopping centers located in zones 10, 11, 17.
  • Some municipal salons and other points in the municipalities of the department of Guatemala will also continue with immunization.

Mass vaccination in Chimaltenango

The health authorities and the Municipality of Chimaltenango had a high influx of people seeking to be immunized with the first dose of the coronavirus vaccine.
The vaccination post for the first doses is located in the Casa de la Cultura, which is in the Municipal Stadium. The conference was carried out with the help of the National Civil Police, the municipality and the Ministry of Health.

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To maintain social distancing, the authorities have enabled outdoor areas and placed chairs for people to wait while they were observed to verify that they did not present reactions. You also use part of the bleachers for people to wait their turn.

Given the number of people registered, the vaccination day was held at the stadium. Free Press Photo: Municipality of Chimaltenango.

Lack of vaccines in Santa María Cauqué

From the early hours the residents of the community made long lines for their vaccination, but they were not vaccinated in the village of Santa María Cauqué, Santiago Sacatepéquez, Sacatepéquez.

It was argued to the neighbors that there were no longer doses available, although they queued from 10 pm the night before.

Around a thousand people left the place, without receiving the dose against the coronavirus.

According to the authorities of the Health Center, of the town, because it is a village to which they had only put 350 daily doses, I do not know before taking more, although it was planned to vaccinate 500 people, the number of attendees exceeded what was planned.

People began to queue from 10 pm, one night before to have the dose against the coronavirus, but they were not treated. Free Press Photo: Courtesy


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