The Indonesian Messi remains in Slovakia. He was roped in by a club from the Fortuna league

today 20:29

Indonesian winger Egy Maulana Vikri remains in Slovakia. After the end of Senica, he was hired by ViOn Zlaté Moravce-Vráble for financial reasons.

Vikri came to Senica before last season from Polish Lechia Gdańsk. He is also nicknamed the “Indonesian Messi” for his style of play. He played 20 league matches for Záhorák, in which he scored 2 goals. In 2017, the British newspaper The Guardian named him one of the 60 most talented and promising players born in 2000.

Egy Vikri after arriving at ViOn Zlaté Moravce – Vráble

Source: FC ViOn Zlaté Moravce – Vráble/Facebook

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