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“The Incredible Rebirth of a Classic Saab 96 After Being Abandoned for 15 Years”

The strange case of a very prestigious car that had been abandoned for years, but which could soon find life and value again.

L’motor racing it is one of the greatest passions in the world. Many people, whether men or women, have an absolutely attractive relationship with 4 wheels.

The Saab 96 abandoned and put back on track (media press) – Mondofuoristrada.it

There is no shortage of collectorsor those who are not afraid to spend money and patience to secure prestigious cars, with historical and traditional value.

Like for example the lovers of Saabor the now agé cars that refer to the Swedish car manufacturer, founded in the 1940s but which closed its doors definitively in 2016. The transfer of shares to the Chinese company Qingdao did not produce the desired effects and production completely stopped a few years ago.

The historic Saab 96 comes back to life after a wash – a sensational rebirth

Just the lovers of Saab traditional will go in the summers to see the images, coming from the USAin which some classic car collectors have brought a historical model of the Swedish company back into view.

The video that is circulating on the web among 4-wheel lovers is incredible. Some guys have found a prestigious car in a garage, completely abandoned Saab 96. That is, a car presented in 1960 and produced until January 1980, characterized by having used two types of engines, until 1967 it was powered by a 3-cylinder two-stroke engine, later by a V4 four-stroke engine.

The car in question, red in color, seems to have been left to its sad fate for 15 years. But the protagonists of the video from the WD Detailing group recovered it to try and give it a new life, given the importance and symbolic value of this 1960s car.

After careful and long cleaning to take off dust and dirt from storage in the garage, the guys installed a support panel under the car to prevent rust damage on the underside. They then proceeded to replace the ignition coil and spark plug leads, as well as rejuvenating the ignition cap. Thus the Saab 96 was revived.

Obviously, more technical maintenance will have to be done on the engine and brakes, but with just a few moves Saab it got back on the road with ease, despite 15 years of forced parking in garage American. This demonstrates that some types of cars, if taken care of and not left to waste, can still work today and make a difference on the road.

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