The impressive images of lightning and the electrical storm on the Four Towers of Madrid

Until 200 rays they fell The community of Madrid during electrical stormwhich were also accompanied by heavy rain. They registered 20 liters per square meter in some areas, in sharp decline in some parts of the region. Rainfall and thunderstorms are expected to continue during today’s session, causing traffic difficulties during rush hour.

The forecast for this Tuesday

The forecasts of the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet) in the Community of Madrid for this Tuesday indicate possible downpours, scattered in the Sierra. As for the temperatures, in principle there will be no variations.

Instead, there will be ranges of medium and high clouds, with cloudiness evolving and more abundant in the Sierra. There will likely be scattered showers, along with thunderstorms, which can be occasionally strong. It is not excluded that they spread to other areas of the Community of Madrid. The wind will blow slightly in a variable direction.

As for the temperaturesit will vary between 18 and 29 degrees in Madrid, 16 and 31 degrees in Alcalá de Henares, 16 and 31 degrees in Aranjuez, 15 and 28 degrees in Collado Villalba, 18 and 30 degrees in Getafe and 17 and 29 in Navalcarnero.

Everything indicates that rainfall will be more widespread in the second half of the week. In addition, temperatures may drop to a minimum during the weekend, with maximum temperatures below 20ºC in many areas.

The presence of DANA

Storms may be more significant this Tuesday as DANA approaches the peninsula from the southwest. Precipitation in the form of a storm will hit Extremadura, Castile-La Mancha, southern Aragon, points in the Community of Madrid and the provinces of Ávila and Salamanca and those in the interior of Andalusia.

As for Wednesday, it will rain in much of the southern half of the peninsula and also in the central area, with instability gradually moving eastward in the afternoon. If we go through the week, Friday could be a transition day between Mediterranean rains and weekend rains.

The probability of precipitation will increase as the hours pass. Finally, one trough it will affect us over the weekend letting it rain. Subsequently, it appears that between Sunday and Monday it can result in a DANA. On Saturday, the rains could be widespread in Spain. They can also be strong and accompanied by a storm.

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