the importance of water explained over time

The Park is associated with World Wetlands Day, which concerns this nature reserve on the banks of the Adour and the ocean. Izadia locally plays an essential role in maintaining biodiversity and preserving a sustainable living environment. Indeed, these wetlands clean up the environment, and act as a natural filter against heavy metals, nitrates and pesticides in the waters, but they are also in danger.

Exceptional visit

Also, exceptionally for the occasion (the park will only officially open on Wednesday April 5), a visit was organized under the direction of Angeline Amador, in charge of the animation mission at Izadia. The theme was the observation of wintering birds on the various bodies of water (lakes and marshes).

Observation equipment and binoculars were made available to visitors who were able to observe cormorants as a starter. Then pass in front of the valve which renews the water of the two lakes over four of the seven hectares of the natural area over the tides.

A new guided tour of the Izadia Ecological Park, its role and its conservation management, will allow, for an hour and a half, to continue these observations on Saturday February 11 at 10:30 a.m.

The exhibition is designed to encourage a personal research process »

Water in all its states

The temporary exhibition “Water in time” has therefore started. Over time and in all its states: snow, ice, river, biodiversity, including agriculture, water use and pollution. These elements will make it possible to better know and understand this essential resource for life.

An essential element in the balance of life and the earth’s environment, water also plays a major role in the evolution of weather patterns, both local and global. This exhibition offers an interactive, experimental and playful awareness of the properties of water and its uses because its preservation has become one of the major challenges of our society.

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The exhibition is designed to encourage a personal research process through experimentation and observation. The content of the workshops presents two main themes: knowledge and water management. On the program: the states of water, evaporation, condensation, precipitation, the water cycle, fresh water and salt water, etc. It is made up of 10 panels and 15 manipulations and was produced by the FRJMC (Regional Federation of Youth and Culture Centers of the Center-Val de Loire Region).

Registration: [email protected] or 05 59 57 17 48. Information:

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