The Importance of Oral and Dental Health for Overall Health and Well-Being

Oral and dental health affects the entire body, because from there bacteria enter the rest of the body. A study conducted by the American Journal of Science in cooperation with Oral B, a company specialized in oral and dental health care products, confirmed the importance of dental care for public health. “Good dental care and oral health help reduce the risk of heart attacks and unwanted abortions,” said Julia Felch, a researcher from Oral-B, quoting the German magazine Freuden.

In contrast, there are fewer studies on the relationship between oral and dental health and mental health. “It has not yet been proven that poor oral health leads to mental illness,” explains researcher Julia Felch. But she added, “Mental diseases can lead to a deterioration in oral health. Because mentally ill people may neglect to brush their teeth regularly, which leads to a deterioration in oral health.”

Relationship of stress with oral and dental problems

People who are unhappy with their teeth or who suffer from bad breath, for example, often smile and talk less to others in order to hide their problems. This makes them less empathetic or friendly to those around them and they may find themselves in a vicious cycle.

Many are afraid of going to the dentist. According to a study by Oral-B, 35 percent fear a dental examination – mostly because of bad past experiences. This leads to worse oral and dental health.

“Itchy gums” or “gnashing of teeth” are examples that confirm the relationship of stress to oral and dental problems. Erosion of the teeth and tearing of the gums may lead to physical problems such as headaches and back pain. That is why Filch emphasizes “the importance of relaxation during the daily life of the body as well as the teeth.”

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An “unrealistic” ideal of beauty

Oral and dental health is important for both physical and mental health, but many people are pursuing an “unrealistic” ideal of beauty, and in particular, the beauty of teeth: perfect straightness and size, and a bright white color. On the other hand, others accept procedures that may damage tooth enamel. Some even replace their teeth with artificial ones. Which is what Filch warns against strongly, and she says: “Oral health comes first.”

The researcher from the “Oral B” company does not see any objection to the use of teeth whitening products, as long as they do not harm the teeth. She advises paying attention to oral and dental health and making appointments for examinations once a year for a bright smile and good health.

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