“The Importance of Open Source for Global Innovation and Development: Insights from Chinese Academician Ni Guangnan”

On May 26, Ni Guangnan, honorary chairman of the “Science and Technology China” open source innovation consortium and academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering,ZhongguancunThe parallel forum of the forum “World Open Source Innovation and Development Forum” delivered a speech on the theme of “Embracing Open Source and World Collaborative Innovation”, and discussed the development of technology, original innovation, and open source after the meeting.educateand other issues have been accepted, including the Beijing NewsshellMedia interviews including finance and economics.

Ni Guangnan believes that open source is the embodiment of the core spirit of open science in the information field, and has become a new generationinformation developmentbasis and motivation. Open source innovation is ubiquitous, and it can quickly spread innovation to a larger scale, which is conducive to my country’s national innovation-driven strategy and talent cultivation strategy. At present, although our country is also a big open source country, we should move forward to become a strong open source country.

  Open source is the embodiment of the core spirit of open science in the information field and should be respected and carried forward

Ni Guangnan said that in today’s world, open source has become a model of global technological innovation and collaborative development. From the perspective of scientific history, as early as 1665, it was written in the inaugural issue of the famous magazine “Philosophical Exchange” that “conventional technologies and achievements Sharing it so that others can build on it is at the heart of open science, upon which open source was born.”

He cited data that 99% of all code bases audited in 2019 contained open source components, and open source components accounted for 46% to 83% of code bases in various industries. When 70% of the code base is audited, “It can be said that after years of development, an open source core technology system with a value of hundreds of trillions of dollars has been formed. More and more companies in the world have joined the open source army, and the open source model has become the current information Huge momentum in the field.”

Ni Guangnan believes that open source innovation has four main advantages: scale, ecology, civilianization, and globalization: the scale of open source projects is often very large, for example, a project has 200,000 developers, which is incomparable to any other type of project. open source is also beneficial to the ecology, because it is difficult to influence the products and services of closed companies, and open source not only the R & D team, but also the upstream and downstream of production can enter , which is conducive to creating a perfect industrial chain, forming a virtuous circle of producers and consumers, and building an ecosystem; open source lowers the threshold for innovation. Generally, each participant takes out his own patent to form a patent pool to jointly protect open source projects. 1. Don’t be afraid to make programs; open source is global. At present, China’s open source community ranks second in the world. However, considering China’s population base, it is relatively proof that China’s open source is far from enough. China should strive to become an open source power from a large open source country.

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Ni Guangnan said in an interview that in terms of national strategy, science and technology is the primary productive force, talents are the primary resource, and innovation is the primary driving force. Therefore, the country implements the strategy of strengthening the country through science and technology, strengthening the country with talents, and innovation. Open source innovation is ubiquitous, and open source innovation spreads innovation to a larger scale, which can promote the above-mentioned national strategy.

As for the relationship between original innovation and integrated innovation. Ni Guangnan said that the most important thing at present is to strengthen original innovation, “relatively speaking, China has done a lot of innovation work in terms of integrated innovation and introduction, digestion and re-absorption. , such as Beidou, high-speed rail, 5G, etc., there are but not enough. We should increase our efforts to support original innovation. At the same time, because China’s market advantages and talent advantages are conducive to completing the process of innovation from 1 to N, we cannot give up promoting integration. Innovation, both original innovation and integrated innovation should be emphasized.”

In addition, Ni Guangnan pointed out that although science and technology have no borders, it is still very important who masters science and technology. “The experience of the past few decades tells us that core technologies cannot be bought, exchanged, or not. We must work hard to master the key core technologies.” Only technology can have the initiative to develop and can cope with the current complex and tense international situation. Our goal is to use science and technology to benefit mankind, increase human well-being, and ultimately make people’s lives better. From this perspective, open source gives Open source can better replicate science and technology and benefit the people. Therefore, open competition and open source competition are very valuable, and we should respect and carry forward it.”

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  Enterprises are the main body of innovation Emphasis on open sourceeducateEmpower students to make a difference right after graduation

In Ni Guangnan’s view, enterprises are the main body of innovation and have played a major role in promoting the national innovation-driven strategy. Open source can help enterprises improve and develop their innovation capabilities and increase their contributions to society. Build a government-industry-university-research-use consortium to jointly promote our ecological construction. In this ecological consortium ecosystem, enterprises can serve as a good glue to connect several aspects of industry, academia, research and application, from From this perspective, the relationship between enterprises and innovation is very close, and enterprises can make great contributions to the development of innovation ecology.”

At the same time, talents who meet the requirements of the enterprise and can join the enterprise as a new force are also very important. Talents can promote the development of the enterprise, thereby promoting economic development, so open sourceeducateShould also be a focus.

“Educational textbooks generally talk about open technology, which is naturally in line with open source. However, due to our relatively short history of open source, traditional textbooks that have been used for many years may not include new ideas and methods of open source. I’m not familiar with it.” Ni Guangnan said, “The current system lacks support for open source, and the use of education funds may not be inclined towards open source. From this perspective, open source education is a new thing for Chinese education, and it needs to break through barriers System Innovation.”

“Objectively, enterprises also have a demand for open source education, because enterprises need talents to develop. Although there are many college students graduating every year in China, which exceeded 10 million last year, their knowledge belongs to book teaching, and open source is not taught in class. Although enterprises 70% of the software in the website is open source software, but students have never entered the open source community, and they don’t know how to integrate their innovation ability with open source. These things need to be re-educated and re-cultivated by the enterprise. So I advocate relevant research How to do a good job in China’s open source education.” Ni Guangnan said.

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He said that the ecological construction of open source education is a very important issue. He hopes that students will be familiar with open source work in the future, so that students can immediately connect the company’s products, services, and assets when they arrive at the unit, and immediately play a role. In the process of retraining, I also give suggestions to relevant departments, hoping to pay attention to open source education.

Ni Guangnan said that open source belongs to the world as well as China. Embrace open source, learn from it and make good use of it. The development of open source is in line with the historical trend and the spirit of scientific openness. Chinese developers are willing to cooperate with the world’s developers to continuously increase the ways of contribution. Contribute Chinese wisdom, Chinese solutions, and Chinese power to the world’s scientific and technological innovation.

At the end of the interview, Ni Guangnan said that the “World Forum on Open Source Innovation and Development” will be helpful for everyone to understand, support, and understand open source. He hopes that this forum can further promote the development of open source in China and make China move forward from a big open source country to a powerful open source country. .


(Article source: Beijing News)

(Original title: Ni Guangnan: Open source is the core spirit of open science China should move from a big open source country to a strong open source country)

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