The Importance of Military Exercises and Defense Cooperation in the Baltic States

The Importance of Military Exercises and Defense Cooperation in the Baltic States

He pointed out that the Baltic States have always been good allies, and military exercises are very important for soldiers to test their skills. NATO military exercises have always been defensive rather than offensive.

The minister also expressed his joy that Latvia, together with Estonia, signed an umbrella agreement with the German company “Diehl Defence” for the purchase of the IRIS-T medium-range air defense system. As Pistorius emphasized, the war in Ukraine has shown that anti-aircraft systems play an important role. “This is a very important purchase between our countries,” the minister emphasized.

The German minister also stated that the war in Ukraine shows that it is necessary to be united in order to face the aggressor. “That’s why it’s very good that the Baltic countries are particularly united,” added Pistorius.

The German minister was also asked about the delivery of long-range missiles “Taurus” to Ukraine. Pistorius replied that Germany is discussing this possibility and that there are always constructive talks between the two countries. According to Pistorius, Germany supports Ukraine as much as it can. LETA already wrote on September 15 that, according to Pistorius, Germany’s decision on whether to supply long-range missiles “Taurus” to Ukraine could be made in one or two weeks.

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