The Importance of Marriage and Family: EDU’s Stance and Policy Proposals

The Importance of Marriage and Family: EDU’s Stance and Policy Proposals

The issues of marriage and family are important to the Federal Democratic Union (EDU). The Christian, national-conservative party only understands a married couple as a man and a woman, as Walter Gertsch emphasizes. The 64-year-old Murtner is running for the National Council and is of the opinion that couples should receive more support for childcare. According to the EDU, married couples should generally receive more support. Specifically, the marriage penalty should be abolished.

Sodom and Gomorrah was probably less bad than where we are headed today.

“We are called fundamentalists,” says Gertsch. In any case, it is true that his party is built on the foundation of Jesus Christ. The basic values ​​of EDU can be found much less in today’s world than they were 20 years ago, says Gertsch. “Sodom and Gomorrah was probably less bad than where we are headed today,” says the former head of the Murtner HIOB-Brockenstube. A broad mass around the gender movement is currently in the process of opening everything up – his party wants to counter this.

Fewer health insurers, reduce expenses

It recently became known that health insurance premiums will rise again in 2024. The average across Switzerland is 8.7 percent and in the canton of Friborg it is 9.6 percent. “These inflated machines need so much money for advertising, office equipment, wages and bonuses,” says Walter Gertsch. At EDU we are in favor of reducing these costs and are against insurance brokers and managers earning so much money. In addition, fewer health insurers are needed than the 57 that are competing against each other today.

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Conservation of resources, restraint in new technologies

EDU’s recipe for combating the energy and climate crisis includes conserving certain resources. “We should invest in devices so that they last a long time,” says Gertsch. The longer use of existing technologies is also desirable. For example, the shutdown of the Mühleberg nuclear power plant happened too quickly.

We should be stricter and better comply with border controls.

Switzerland should also become more independent again when it comes to energy. When it comes to the expansion of renewable energies, the EDU is rather cautious: Anyone who has the opportunity should take action – but solar panels and wind turbines should not be a problem. In fields and parking lots, on highways or dams, for example, solar panels are often not a nuisance, says Gertsch. On the other hand, they reject a requirement for solar panels on all roofs and a significant expansion of wind power.

Protect borders better, don’t supply weapons

According to Walter Gertsch, the EDU has a clear position on migration issues. “We should be stricter and better comply with controls at the border.” At the same time, one should pay attention to who is on the run. We do not support arms deliveries to Ukraine. You have to stay neutral and equip your army so that you can defend yourself.

In 1991, the EDU, founded in 1975, made it into the National Council for the first time. After interruptions, the small party currently holds a seat in the National Council again. However, the chances that someone from the Freiburg EDU, with a share of voters of 0.73 percent, will win a second National Council seat are not particularly high. “Nevertheless, we want to give people and Christians an opportunity to return to the values ​​of the Bible,” said Gertsch.

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