The Importance of Main Doors in House Construction for Energy Flow and Vastu Compliance

The main door is the entrance to the house. So the main door has great importance in house construction. To enliven or stagnate the circulation area It is believed that the main door is open. There may also be defects. It plays a real role.

Area includes almost any object. Ability can be developed or transferred. Pradha is the most spacious door in a house. There will be a locked front door. In other rooms inside the house. Let the cosmic energy flow outward. Energy is as small as a baby’s spring. can be greater or greater. It should contain both. No matter what type of energy it is, it is complete when it is dissipated. No. Most of these energies pass through Through the north, north-east and east parts of the house. That is, east or straight north or north east. A statement that a word should.

A house facing any direction is the main suitor. Energy has to go through it. It has to go in one direction. At the top of the main gate of It is. The foundation of the house is first to find the highest position. The transmission of energy from the four sources of Complete work by pulling the small plastic rope. It is necessary to ensure that the remaining solar source is found. It should be determined using a scientific compass. Use yellow paint to mark it. The main floor of the house should be placed in the middle of it. When it is taken, it is the Maharamammam or Bram for the house. Mark the location and make sure there are no walls or anything. It has to be done.

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An east-facing house has a large stomach and energy. The height of the flow will be to the north and to the east. I need to get a bed. Although it can be found in the north-east Malla. I want to move to a south facing house. Kattila. Doors to the back of the south Kattila Vaikum. Ordering is also good. It cannot because there is less space. Such space The solution for that should be done more.

A south-facing house is south-east and south-facing. Do not place the mattress in a totally centralized manner. If it is a beautiful house, then climb straight and give me a bed. Must be. Don’t even look at it. For a house with a north view. Ravada can be made thick. But more is better. It is placed in the east. Vadhi can be size. Carving, fashion or design. May be as desired by the owner of the house. The main door has one A double layer is better than a single layer. Because the compression ratio is higher than that of a monolayer. This is

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