The Importance of Healthy Living with Balanced Nutrition during a Pandemic


JAKARTA – Meet intake nutrition daily body properly and correctly has many benefits. Some of the benefits include maintaining energy, getting better brain performance, getting an ideal body weight, and reducing the risk of disease.

But, have you met the body’s daily nutrition? Not many people understand this, that’s why MS Slim held webinar in the form of sharing session with Ivan Gunawan and dr. Cindiawaty Pudjiadi, Mars, Ms. Sp. Gk, a clinical nutrition specialist at the end of last week.

The webinar was also held to commemorate World Food Day which falls on October 16. With the theme of Better Nutrition for Better Life, MS Slim wants to educate and invite the audience to become aware of the importance of maintaining nutritional intake for a better life in the future.

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Doctor Cindy explained that the current pandemic also affects a person’s lifestyle. Often we consume food without taking into account the amount of daily nutrition needed.

“If we have excess weight or fat, there can be a storm that can affect the health of our bodies,” he said.

If you are overweight or body fat, coupled with other congenital diseases, it can worsen the condition of the body when infected with Covid-19.

Complete and balanced nutrition must also be ensured to prevent adverse effects on health. Balanced nutrition itself can be obtained from a daily meal that contains carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals.

“If the incoming nutrition is not balanced, the body’s metabolism will not run properly, causing decreased endurance,” said Dr. Cindy.



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