The Importance of Good Quality Drinking Water According to the Ministry of Health

The Importance of Good Quality Drinking Water According to the Ministry of Health

Good Quality of Drinking Water According to the Ministry of Health

AIRKAMI.IDAccording to the Decree of the Minister of Health of the Republic of Indonesia no. 97/Menkes/SK/VII/2002, what is meant by drinking water is water that has gone through a processing process that meets the requirements and can be drunk directly.

The quality of drinking water must meet 3 requirements, namely physical, microbiological and chemical requirements. Physical requirements can be seen from their appearance. Microbiological requirements relate to the presence of harmful bacteria such as E.coli, and chemical requirements relate to substances in the water.

If these three conditions are not met, then the drinking water cannot be said to meet the quality. As a result, consuming unhealthy drinking water can possibly cause stomach ache and even diarrhea.

Below are ways to recognize the characteristics of quality drinking water.

Physical Requirements

Physically, healthy drinking water must be clear or colorless and odorless. According to Buckle KA in his book Food Science (1987), water that can be drunk must not contain suspended or cloudy materials.

Apart from that, quality drinking water must also have a temperature below the outside air temperature or indoor temperature.

Microbiology Terms

Microbiological requirements are often referred to as bacteriological requirements. Drinking water must be free from all kinds of bacteria, especially, it must be free from pathogenic bacteria or disease-causing bacteria.

To determine whether or not there are pathogenic bacteria in drinking water, the drinking water must be tested in a laboratory.

Chemical Terms

Healthy drinking water must also meet the necessary chemical requirements. This means that water must contain certain substances that are needed, such as iron, manganese and chloride. This substance must also be present in certain amounts.

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Lack or excess of certain substances in water will trigger an imbalance. Worse, this will disrupt a person’s physiological condition.

Those are the three conditions that must be met by drinking water. If even one of them is not met, then just avoid water like that because it is not considered drinking water, which can harm the body’s health.

It is also important to use a clear source of drinking water, such as piped water which must be boiled before drinking.

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