The Immortal Rebellion: Wang Lin’s Journey to Immortality Begins in Tencent Video’s Animation of Xian Ni

The Immortal Rebellion: Wang Lin’s Journey to Immortality Begins in Tencent Video’s Animation of Xian Ni

The head animation of Tencent Video, the classic “Mortal Flow” cultivation novel “Xian Ni” was officially launched on September 25.The animation is produced by Tencent Video, produced by Dream Animation, and adapted from the fairy novel of the same name written by the famous online writer Er Gen. The first three episodes of the show tell the story of Wang Lin, a young man with mediocre qualifications who accidentally obtains the mysterious magic weapon Tianni Pearl, and thus gradually reaches the pinnacle of immortality. I have to say that after watching the first three episodes, I am already looking forward to the high-energy plot of “Wang Lin avenges the Teng family for the whole family”. Let’s watch an ordinary boy embark on the path to immortality and become famous in the world of immortality!

“Xian Ni” is a famous classic fairy tale novel created by’s platinum writer Er Gen. The first three episodes of the animation tell the story of Wang Lin who went to the Hengyue Sect to study, but was rejected because of his unqualified qualifications. Later, he got the Tianni Pearl and met Situ Nan, and he started on the path to immortality.

Among the stories in “The Immortal Rebellion”, the highlights that moved readers and fans the most include Wang Lin’s revenge for his entire family after witnessing the murder of his parents, his hair going gray overnight, and Wang Lin’s three transformations into mortals. Wang Lin devoted himself to cultivating immortality and never backed down. Faced with the cruelty and darkness of the world of immortality, he upheld the righteousness in his heart and continued his obsession with life and the relationship between his parents. “Xian Ni” has also become a banner of online fairy novels because of its unique plot and characters. It is loved by countless readers and has been commented by netizens – “There will be no fairy heroes after Xian Ni”.

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In terms of character design, Wang Lin has created a distinct image of an ordinary young man who is dedicated to cultivating immortality. He has perseverance to the Tao, family love, and life. In the process of questioning, he was not afraid of the disadvantages of his own talent, firmly believed that man can defeat nature, devoted himself to his career and wanted to turn around and become an immortal. In the end, he climbed up step by step with the talents of a mediocre mortal and finally succeeded! In what seemed like a successful life, Wang Lin experienced many family upheavals that were unbearable for ordinary people and lost his Taoist partner. For him who valued family ties and loved only one person in his life, it only drove him to resist fate and persevere. Throughout your life, you will eventually reach the top with hard work and opportunities!

In terms of the creation of group portraits in “Immortal Ni”, “Immortal Ni” is not limited to portraying the image of Wang Lin who is obsessed with cultivating immortals. He also uses a lot of pen and ink to create group portraits of characters, whether he just wants to be a prince, and Wang Lin Situ Nan, who is both a teacher and a friend, Xu Liguo, who has a funny temperament and a glib tongue, and Liu Jinbiao, a master of deceit, all have a strong sense of character contrast. It is these supporting characters that make Xian Ni feel like he is going against the immortal and destroying the gods at every stage. The wonderful feeling.

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Judging from the current plot and pictures, the animation not only supplements the high-quality content of the original work with more detailed plot content, but also presents more exquisite picture production. Whether it is Wang Lin’s elegant style, Li Muwan’s exquisite face, or Situ Nan, who is rated as having a layered look, all are exquisite and unique in modeling; the lines are passionate and free-spirited, “Just because you are born ordinary does not mean you are destined to be ordinary.” It shouts out the voices of many people who are unwilling to be ordinary, and presents a mortal battle with great imagination and a huge world view.

“The Immortal Rebellion” not only tells the story of a young man with mediocre qualifications who travels to the fairy world, but also shows the description of human nature and the exploration of life. Let us look forward to the update of the subsequent plot of “The Immortal Rebellion”! Follow Tencent Video from September 25th to help Wang Lin reach the pinnacle of immortality every Monday at 10:00. Tencent Video animation “Immortal Rebellion” will be broadcast today and join ordinary boy Wang Lin on his journey to immortality!


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