The immigration inspector simulator “Papers, Please” has been remade with a change to the game engine. No change, big change: AUTOMA


Developer Lucas Pope said: “Cards please]Announced that the game engine for the PC version has been changed to Unity. While the change as a game isn’t big, it’s going to be a big change.

Papers, Please is an immigration simulation game. The player becomes a manager who examines the immigrants in the fictional communist country “Arstotzka” and checks whether the submitted application documents are correct. The game design incorporating the unique concept of judging the immigrants in the game and the scenario that diverges widely depending on the job’s ability and whether or not to let the immigrants through has been well received. With less than 50,000 reviews on Steam, the rating is “extremely popular”. It has become a very successful game.

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Papers, Please was recently ported to mobile devices. At that time, Mr. Pope changed the game engine of the same work from OpenFL to Unity. At the same time, the PC version is also moving to Unity. A beta version is available on Steam and you can experience “Papers, Please” rebuilt with a new engine.

The version is updated from 1.2.76 to 1.4.4. However, no content is added. Minor changes include bug fixes, adding command line switches to disable v-sync and enabling screen magnifier, and adding official Korean/Turkish/Czech translations. It’s just that the game engine has changed. On the other hand, the beta version has not been fully tested yet, so achievements, leaderboards, game progress, etc. they may fail or be lost. Before playing the beta, it is recommended that you back up your save data.

Pope chose Unity as his game engine when developing Return of the Obra Dinn, which was released in 2018. He seems to have become a fan of the same engine. The original Papers, Please used Haxe as the language and OpenFL as the engine.Port mobile versionFor this, I tried using Unity and C#, but decided to use Haxe. It seems that the mobile port was promoted by writing code in Haxe and porting it to C# (using Heaps together). It took eight months to bring the mobile version. Since it went live on Unity safely, it seems that the PC version is also in transition.

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As mentioned above, the PC version of “Papers, Please” only changed the game engine. No content has been added. However, there seems to be a slight change, including in terms of behavior. Once the transition is officially completed, it would be nice to experience immigration.

“Papers, Please” is available for PC. It will also be available for mobile devices in August this year.

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