The illegitimate child of the king of Belgium will become a nobleman, this is the story

BRUSSELS, – A Belgian artist is almost officially a person Belgian princess, after the court ruled in his favor in the king’s scandal for decades.

Delphine Boel, 52, has long claimed to be the daughter of an ex the king of Belgium, Albert II, for the results an affair.

The king, who stepped down in 2013 for health reasons, never publicly denied the claims, but never approved DNA testing until last year.

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Launch Sky News On Thursday (1/10/2020), Boel’s lawyers confirmed that the court had given him “full satisfaction”, and recognized her as the daughter of the former king.

Her team of lawyers said in a statement that she would be allowed to identify herself as Princess Delphine of Saxe Coburg, and be given the same recognition as her already-turned sibling. nobility.

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“Legal victories will never replace a father’s love, but provide a sense of justice, which is strengthened by the fact that many children who have gone through the same ordeal will find the strength to face their (justice) there,” the statement added.

However, this is not the end of the case. The current monarch, Phillipe, can appeal to the Belgian Supreme Court, but it is not clear what the palace plans are.

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Rumors of king Albert and Boel’s mother, Baroness Sybille de Selys Longchamps, had been circulating for years, but news that the king might have a child with him was revealed when the biography of Albert’s wife, Queen Paola, was published in 1999.

In his Christmas message to his people that year, the king alluded to past affairs and said he and Queen Paola lived through a “crisis” in the late 1960s that nearly ruined their marriage, but they overcame their problems “a long time ago.”

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Albert II succeeded the throne of Belgium in 1993 after the death of his older brother. He stepped down in July 2013 and automatically lost his immunity from prosecution, a privilege enjoyed by the reigning monarch.

The following year, Boel, who bore a striking resemblance to several members royal family, opened court proceedings to prove that Albert was his father.

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