The idyll is over: Jakub Prachař and his girlfriend are once again facing the reality of everyday life

4 – – Jakub Prachar and Sara Sandeva

Jakub Prachar and Sara Sandeva

When Sara Sandeva went on vacation to exotic Mexico a few days ago without her partner Jakub Prachar, many immediately began speculating that their relationship would not be crushed. Fortunately, the actor and moderator joined his love and her family, albeit a few days later. Apparently they enjoyed their vacation to the fullest, but now they are back in Prague and have started to work.

A few weeks ago, it seemed that Jakub Prachar and his love Sara Sandeva were experiencing trouble in paradise. The ever-eternally smiling couple is the editor caught in the street in an awkward quarrel, during which the moderator had to shout vulgarly at the young actress while she allegedly walked crying a few meters behind her sweetheart. There has even been speculation as to whether the pair subsequently broke up. However, since both Prachar and Sandeva guard their privacy, people could only imagine what was going on between them.

Everything is alright

It is more than clear that almost no relationship can do without some quarrel, so it is not so surprising that even Prachar and Sandeva did not avoid it. Fortunately, they seem to have said it all. “Everything is alright. I’m happy and in love, “the actress said for the show Showtime. Their relationship was flooded again. And literally. The couple in love spent several days together in exotic Mexico.

The fans were confused by the photo

First, Sandeva flew to Mexico without Prachar, only with her family. The move fanned the fire with speculation of their separation. But in a few days, Prachař joined his love, and even published a joint photo with her, which he managed to torment his fans with. Many of them noticed the ring that adorned Sandeva’s middle finger, so suddenly speculation about the breakup stopped and engagement began. However, the actress wears the ring on her right hand, so it is very unlikely that the ring would be an engagement ring.

Today, the partners are back in full swing in the Czech Republic and returned to work immediately after returning from vacation. “From the beach straight to the stage,” Sara Sandeva wrote of the latest social media post. Perhaps they both rested sufficiently on their days off and strengthened their relationship enough to resolve any conflict with ease the next time.

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