The identities of 13 witnesses in the case of the crash of MH17 will remain secret: Accidents: World:

The identities of 13 witnesses who are in the case of the crash of the Malaysian Boeing in the Donbass will remain secret. This was announced on Tuesday, February 25, the NOS channel.

The forensic investigator ruled that witnesses were entitled to protection because they might feel in danger or there could be a threat to their health or safety.

It also follows from the decision that the summons to the court was sent by the prosecutor to all four suspects – three Russians and one Ukrainian – on October 2, 2019. They are charged with murder.

According to Nieuwsuur, one of the witnesses was denied secrecy. According to investigators, this person can really feel in danger, but it is almost impossible to guarantee his anonymity. At the same time, nine witnesses gave evidence in 2019. Three testified in 2018, and another in 2016.

On June 19, 2019, the Joint Investigative Group accused the Russians of Igor Girkin (Strelkov), Oleg Pulatov, Sergey Dubinsky and Ukrainian Leonid Harchenko of the plane crash.

A Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777, flying on an MH17 flight from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, crashed in the Donetsk region on July 17, 2014. Onboard were 298 people, all of them died. The International Investigation Team (JIT), following an investigation, determined that the aircraft was shot down by a Buk missile. However, on February 18, it became known from the document of the Netherlands Military Intelligence and Security Service that the experts did not find a single Buk missile system at the crash site. Few days later jit stated the presence of a witness launch rocket.

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