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The three major A-share indexes traded sideways throughout the day on Thursday. The Shanghai Composite Index closed at 3197.35 points, down 0.07%. The Shenzhen Component Index and ChiNext Index closed down 0.25% and 0.09% respectively. The net purchase of northbound funds was 114 million yuan on the day. On the disc, the cross-border e-commerce sector, tourist attractions and real estate stocks rallied,Focus technologyCross-border subscription(protection of rights)Wait for the daily limit of more shares. The data security and livestock sectors were among the biggest losers.

Yesterday, the cross-border e-commerce industry ushered in a grand explosion,Ruo Yuchen, Focus Technology, Cross Border Communication and other titles have a daily limit. In the news, Zhejiang, Sichuan, Guangdong, Suzhou and other places have recently organized corporate charter flights for foreign trade companies to go abroad to expand the international market and help foreign trade companies go global.

Analysts believe that the “fight against the economy” is becoming a concerted action everywhere. The government takes the initiative to “go out”, which will further release a positive signal of market expansion, and enhance the development confidence and development expectations of foreign economic and trade enterprises.

  Eastern wealthSecurities said that with the establishment of the “double-loop” development model, the development of cross-border e-commerce in my country has gradually entered sophistication, refined cross-platform transactions have begun to be realized, and supply chains have gradually been integrated . At the same time, innovative models such as live broadcast marketing have started to appear in the context of supply chain integration. Driven by innovative models in the future, cross-border e-commerce still has a large market development space.

Share prices of many popular stocks with high early-stage prices fell sharply yesterday.Minhe sharesSolar developmentSunyardAnd other titles have lowered their limit one after another and the hype on the subject has cooled. The concept of antivirus fabrics has also dropped into the market.AnnelLarge orders have closed the limit,Tomohisa Minamiyamafell more than 6%,noble birdPopular fabricFollowing.

It is worth noting that Annel has continued to climb since November 18th. As of the close on Dec. 8, the stock was up approximately 145.49% in 15 trading days, of which 10 trading days were at their daily limit. The company recently issued a risk warning stating that the electron beam grafted modified tissues are still being tested and improved before mass production, and the application and market prospects are yet to be further clarified; the antiviral and antibacterial effects need to be tested by the market, and the market recognizes the technology There are still uncertainties in acceptance and acceptance, and there are uncertainties in the future economic benefits and impact on company performance.

In addition, the state-owned cloud concept sector fell by 2% yesterday.InfiniteThe People’s Daily Onlinedouble limit,digital certificateTai Chi ActionsFollowing. According to after-hours data, was sold out of funds yesterday, and several powerful sales departments appeared on the seller’s office of its dragon and tiger list, with a total of 74.7738 million yuan sold.

Looking forward to the market outlook, Dongguan Securities said that after continuous shock adjustments, the Shanghai Stock Exchange Index rebounded strongly in November, and December is expected to continue the rebound trend in November as a whole. The basis for the subsequent economic recovery is expected to continue to consolidate, and the A-share market is expected to continue to fluctuate upwards.

In terms of industry allocation strategy,Investment in CITIC constructionChen Guo, chief strategic analyst, said that the recovery of demand-side consumption scenarios is gradually being implemented, and the logic of steady growth is waiting to be tested, and he is optimistic about traditional Chinese medicine, offline pharmacies, vaccines and other industries. with stiff upward demand going forward; such as food and drink, natural scenic spots, travel, film and television, etc.

Galaxy Securities believes that the real estate chain, including real estate, light industry, home appliances, building materials, etc., may have quarterly opportunities. At the same time, the epidemic prevention and control policy continues to be optimized, the recovery of superimposed consumption, food and beverage, home appliances, tax exemption and other industries may have structural opportunities. In addition, technologies such as Xinchuang, new energy, photovoltaics, chips, etc., which are mainly supported by policies, and China’s profitable manufacturing industries can be strategically allocated at bargain prices.

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